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Graduate Level Course Offerings: Mechanical Engineering

ME 402 Advanced Heat Transfer
ME 405 Theoretical Aerodynamics
ME 406 Control Systems 
ME 407 Power Plants
ME 408 Renewable Energy
ME 409 Air Conditioning
ME 410 Internal Combustion Engines
ME 411 Propulsion Systems
ME 415 Corrosion and Engineering Materials
ME 416 Introduction to MEMS: Fabrication and Applications
ME 417 Advanced Materials Engineering
ME 419 Advanced MEMS: Modeling and Packaging
ME 420  Consulting Engineering Seminar
ME 421 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
ME 422 Finite Elements for Engineering Applications
ME 424 Composite Materials and Mechanics
ME 425 Aerospace Engineering Laboratory
ME 426 Turbomachinery
ME 427 Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics
ME 430 Mechatronic Systems
ME 435 Robotics Engineering
ME 461 Aircraft Design
ME 462 Thermal Design
ME 470 Engineering System Design
ME 480 Machine Component Design
ME 490-491 Directed Research 

ME 501 Advanced Thermodynamics
ME 502 Topics in Heat Transfer
ME 503 Viscous Fluid Flow
ME 505 Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems
ME 506 Advanced Control Systems
ME 507 Applied Nonlinear Control Systems
ME 510 Gas Dynamics
ME 511 Numerical Methods for Dynamic Systems Analysis
ME 512 Light Weight Structures
ME 513 Environmental Noise
ME 516 Introduction to MEMS: Fabrication and Applications
ME 518 Advanced Kinematics
ME 519 Advanced MEMS: Modeling and Packaging
ME 520 Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
ME 522 Advanced Finite Element Analysis
ME 526 Turbomachinery
ME 527 Computational Fluid Dynamics
ME 536 Computational Intelligence in Control Engineering
ME 550 Combustion

ME 590 Thesis Research Credits as assigned; however, not more than 12 credits will be applied toward the requirements of an M.S. degree.
ME 597 Selected Topics for Graduate Students. Credits as assigned. Maximum 4 credits per term.