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Michelle D. Hoffman

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Michelle Hoffman is an analytical chemist with cross-disciplinary expertise in chemical microbiology, and biophysics. Her current research is focused on developing a portable microfluidic analysis system to quantify and remove heavy metals using a bacterium as a bio-regenerative detector. Dr. Hoffman also is a faculty member for Rose-Hulman’s Home for Environmentally Responsible Engineering program, a first-year living-learning experience for students with an interest in sustainability and humanitarian engineering. Check out her personal web page.

Teaching Interests

  • Analytical chemistry
  • General chemistry
  • Environmental chemistry

Research Experiences

  • Development of microfluidic devices for quantitative analyses
  • Investigation of heavy metal uptake properties of Caulobacter crescentus
  • Application of C. crescentus as a quantitative biological sensor for heavy metals
  • Development of real-time micro-analysis system for organic reactions

Select Publications & Presentations

  • Williams, M., Hoffman, M. D., Daniel, J. J., Madren, S. M., Dhroso, A., Korkin, D., Given, S. A., Jacobson, S. C., and Brown, P. J. B., “Short-Stalked Prosthecomicrobium hirschii Cells have a Caulobacter-like Cycle,” Journal of Bacteriology, 198, 1149-1159, 2016
  • Hoffman, M. D., Zucker, L. I., Brown, P. J. B., Kysela, D. T.,  Brun, Y. V., and Jacobson, S.C.,  “Timescales and Frequencies of Reversible and Irreversible Adhesion Events of Single Bacterial Cells,” Analytical Chemistry, 87, 12032-12039, 2015
  • Madren, S. M., Hoffman, M. D., Brown, P. J. B., Kysela, D. T., Brun, Y. V., and Jacobson, S.C., “Microfluidic Device for Automated Synchronization of Bacterial Cells,” Analytical Chemistry, 84, 8571-8578, 2012

Academic Degrees

  • BS, Xavier University, 2006
  • PhD, Indiana University, 2012