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Dale Bremmer

Professor of Economics
Dr. Dale Bremmer teaches economics and is an expert in applied econometrics, industrial organization, monetary theory, and natural resources and energy. His research has covered a variety of topics in economics, including the impact of divorce on female labor force participation and Federal Reserve's behavior in setting interest rates. Dr. Bremmer is an advisory board member for the Independent Project/Research Opportunities Program and a recipient of the Dean's Outstanding Teacher Award. He also has been an advisor for Indiana's Office of the Utility Consumer Counselor, and has served as an expert witness in utility regulation cases.

Teaching Interests

  • Applied econometrics
  • Game theory
  • Labor economics
  • Mathematical economics

Research Experiences

  • Female labor force participation rates
  • The impact of the retired earnings tax on social security recipients
  • The effect of right-to-work laws
  • The asymmetric behavior of oil and diesel prices

Select Publications & Presentations

  • Bremmer, D. and Kesselring, R.G., “The Relationship between U.S. Retail Gasoline and Crude Oil Prices During the Great Recession: ‘Rockets and Feathers’ or ‘Balloons and Rocks’ Behavior?”, Energy Economics, 55, 200-210, March 2016
  • “The Effect of the Right-to-Work Law on the Oklahoma Economy: A Difference-in-Differences Study,” Western Economic Association International Conference, Portland, June 2016
  • “The Real Minimum Wage and Unemployment by Educational Attainment, Age, Ethnicity and Race,” with R. G. Kesselring, International Atlantic Economic Society Conference, Boston, October 2015
  • Bremmer, D. and Kesselring, R.G., “Discouraged vs. Added Workers: Variation by Gender, Age, and Marital Status,” The Social Science Journal, 52(3), 374-385, September 2015
  • “The Effect of Observing Daylight Saving Time on Indiana Employment: A Difference-in-Differences Approach,” with R. G. Kesselring, Western Social Science Association Conference, Portland, April 2015
  • “Female Labor Supply and Social Security’s Earning Test,” with R. G. Kesselring, International Atlantic Economic Society Conference, Savannah, October 2014
  • “Overall Unemployment and the Labor Force Participation of Married, Divorced and Never-Married Females: A Racial Comparison of the Discouraged Worker Effect,” with R. G. Kesselring, International Atlantic Economic Society Conference, Montreal, October 2012
  • Bremmer, D. and Kesselring, R.G., “Setting the Target for the Federal Funds Rate: The Determinants of Fed Behavior,” Applied Economics, 43(11), 1341-1349, April 2011
  • Bremmer, D. and Kesselring, R.G., “Divorce and Female Labor Force Participation: Evidence from Time-Series Data and Cointegration," Atlantic Economic Journal, 32(3), 174 – 189, September 2004
  • Bremmer, D. and Kesselring, R.G., "The Advertising Effect of University Athletic Success: A Reappraisal of the Evidence," The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 33(4), 409-421, Winter 1993

Awards & Honors

Dean's Outstanding Teacher Award, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, May 2002

Academic Degrees

  • BS, Arizona State University, 1979
  • MS, Arizona State University, 1981
  • PhD, Texas A&M University, 1985