Engineering Physics


The Department of Physics and Optical Engineering has provided both science and engineering foundation at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology through its physics and optics engineering programs. Physics is the foundation subject to all engineering and through the study in engineering physics we aim at blending a strong physics component with relevant engineering backgrounds that are usually necessary to work in areas such as semiconductor, optical technologies, biomedical applications, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering, and polymer and biochemistry. The students will get their traditional undergraduate engineering education that has a broad foundation in mathematics, engineering sciences and technology. This program emphasizes problem solving skills and an understanding of engineering design to address the needs and challenges of the technology age and allow students to take a broad range of engineering careers.

Engineering Physics at Rose-Hulman will provide students with a unique opportunity to learn the foundation concepts of physics and make a concentrated study in micro and nano technology. Engineering physicist will be able to apply both scientific and engineering approaches to a wide variety of problems which otherwise is not possible with any traditional engineering or science degree. Rose-Hulman's engineering physics graduates will be trained to take up challenging jobs in engineering and development of new technologies or to pursue further studies in engineering or physics.

For information on courses and suggested curriculum, see the undergraduate course catalog.