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Students (Prospective and Current)

Are you considering a degree in mathematics at Rose-Hulman? We believe the more you find out what’s expected of you, the more you’ll agree that ours is a very different approach from what you’ll find elsewhere.

You might begin your Rose-Hulman experience early through our Fast Track Calculus, Accelerated Math Physics, or guest student programs. Advanced Placement credit is another great way to get a head start.

Whether you’re a prospective student or are already on campus, you’ll want to know what kinds of policies pertain to your mathematics study.

Our program serves all Rose-Hulman students with the foundational mathematics that will integrate with whatever course of study they’re following. For majors or minors, we add in-depth preparation for careers or graduate study involving mathematics. We also believe strongly that research isn’t just for faculty or grad students, so we open the door to many meaningful undergraduate research opportunities.