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Rose-Hulman Math - Prospective Students and Current Rose Students

Message from the Department Head


Hello, my name is David Rader and I am the head of the Mathematics Department at Rose-Hulman. I am very pleased that you are considering Rose-Hulman and the Mathematics Department, or consider changing majors to mathematics or biomathematics. I urge you to explore our programs further. We have excellent and challenging programs, all within a nurturing atmosphere focused on undergraduate student learning and development. In fact, we offer the individual attention typically found within smaller departments with the educational opportunities associated with larger ones. We believe the more you find out what we have to offer and what’s expected of you, the more you’ll agree that ours is a very different approach from what you’ll find elsewhere.

All faculty in the department have come to Rose-Hulman because they are dedicated teachers and scholars who enjoy working with undergraduate students both in the classroom, and in a casual chat in the office or hallway.

You might begin your Rose-Hulman experience early through our Fast Track Calculus, Accelerated Math Physics, or guest student programs. Advanced Placement credit is another great way to get a head start. Whether you’re a prospective student with questions or are already on campus, you’ll want to know what kinds of policies pertain to your mathematics study.

Our mathematics program serves all Rose-Hulman students with the foundational mathematics that will integrate with whatever course of study they’re following. Our biomathematics program attracts students interested in a specialized study in the mathematics and computational tools used in the quantitative life sciences. For majors or minors, we add in-depth preparation for careers or graduate study involving mathematics. We also believe strongly that research isn’t just for faculty or grad students, so we open the door to many meaningful undergraduate research opportunities.

Finally, what are the opportunities after you leave Rose- Hulman? To get ready for that day explore various career options or perhaps see what our alumni do.

Please continue to look at our programs and all we have to offer.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


David J Rader
Professor and Head of Mathematics

Rose-Hulman Math Department at a Glance

  • over 25 faculty, all of whom are active and dedicated teacher-scholars, with interests in many fields of pure and applied mathematics (faculty expertise page)
  • a friendly, happy department where professors have strong  personal contact with their students
  • the math program has a strong general education component in the humanities and science and concentrations in
    • traditional mathematics,
    • continuous applied math,
    • discrete applied math, and
    • statistics and operations research
  • The biomathematics program supports enhanced study in the mathematics useful to study biology and other quantitative life sciences.
  • Both our mathematics and biomathematics programs are flexible and can be adjusted either for graduate school preparation or direct entry into careers in business, industry and government
  • Our biomathematics degree program is one of a handful of such undergraduate programs in the country
  • a strong double majors program with the programs science, engineering and economics, with more than half the math majors as double majors
  • three area minor programs: mathematics, statistics, computational science
  • one of the few schools in the county to offer a course in Six-Sigma
  • a large number of students who are interested in mathematics, even though they may not be math majors
  • even though not all students are math majors, our lowest-level course is Calculus and 45% of entering freshman have already received one to three courses of AP credit in math
  • students graduating with a major or double major in mathematics, have career opportunities on par with engineering and science majors
  • computing intensive curriculum with good computing facilities
  • opportunities for undergraduate research and hands on projects, especially in our senior thesis / senior project program
  • our Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal is one of the few electronic journals in the world devoted solely to articles written by undergraduate mathematicians
  • we have hosted on of the nation’s top undergraduate mathematics conferences for more than 30 years
  • strong interest and performances in state, national, and international mathematics competitions