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Boost Your Prospects by Adding a Mathematics or Biomathematics Minor

Nearly half of all Rose-Hulman students graduate with either a minor or a double major. It’s not difficult for most students to fit a minor into their schedule. A minor in math can boost career options, provide an extra challenge, and satisfy the needs of those who love math but prefer to major in something else.

Minoring in math can help open doors to careers in quality assurance, data science, computational science, and cryptography. And the analytical courses will be valuable background should you decide to go to graduate school.

Adding math skills—whether through a minor or a double major—can also make you a more valuable employee. One of our former students was a double major in mechanical engineering and mathematics who went to work for McDonnell Douglas. Her employer noticed her extra math training and asked her to help on a computational fluid dynamics project, an opportunity she might not otherwise have had. 

Four Different Minors

The mathematics department offers four different area minors.

Area MinorRequirementsAdviserWhat can this this minor do for you?

Math minor requirements

Dr. John McSweeney
  • Background for graduate school or more analytics based careers.
  • Very flexible, there are many choices

Biomathematics minor requirements

Dr. Dave Goulet
  • Background for graduate school or careers in the quantitative life sciences.
  • Very flexible, there are many choices
Statistics Statistics minor requirements Dr. Eric Reyes
  • Quality assurance in business and industry
  • Statistical methods in data science and analytics
  • Financial modeling
Computational Science Computational science minor requirements Dr. Kurt Bryan
  • Computational intensive interdisciplinary application based mathematics
  • Computational fluid dynamics and related applications

Declaring a Math Minor

To achieve a minor, in most cases you’ll need to take four or five “extra courses.” Most often, you can complete these additional courses through technical and free electives as well as AP credits.

Current students at Rose-Hulman can find more information through the Math Majors and Minors Moodle group.

Ready to declare your minor in math? Then follow these steps:

  1. Schedule a meeting with an adviser to discuss the process and consider the courses you’ll need.
  2. Fill out the minor advising form (from the math office) and get it signed by the appropriate parties.
  3. Take the form to the registrar’s office so completion of the minor can be tracked.
  4. Revisit steps 2 and 3 as needed, as you refine your plans or change your mind about courses.