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Group solving

What you Will Do

The program is five weeks long, with classes five days a week. The daily schedule includes

  • three 60-70 minute lectures/discussions
  • three in-class work sessions
  • an hour-long problem session
  • time for meals, homework, tests, and a variety of recreations.

Useful Preparation

Since all Rose-Hulman students are required to make class and project presentations throughout their undergraduate career, learning to communicate mathematically is an important skill. FTC students begin the process of improving their communication skills by presenting problems in a group setting during the daily problem session.

The students are expected to arrive on campus on Sunday, July 16 at 12:00 noon; the program terminates at noon on Friday, August 18; and the participants have one week off prior to the start of the school year.

Where You Will Stay

During their stay, students are housed on campus in Percopo Hall, one of our newest residence Halls. Note that all participants are required to live on campus during Fast-Track Calculus. A major benefit of the program is the interaction between students which happens after classroom hours are over.

Classes will be held in classrooms dedicated exclusively to Fast Track Calculus for the duration of the program. The classrooms all have power and network connections allowing students use their computers during the class. The classrooms are also set up so that students may easily work together.


  • Laptops:The students of FTC will use the classrooms which have been networked to accommodate the use of the laptop computers which all Freshman students will have. The students will be issued their laptop computers during the first day of FTC. They will be given instructions in the use and care of their new laptops, including an introduction to the software provided.
  • Maple Software: During FTC, the Maple software package will be used as an integral part of the course. This symbolic algebra system allows one to obtain exact solutions to problems in differentiation and integration, to solve algebraic and differential equations, to graph families of functions, to expand functions in series, etc. -- all in the traditional form, but without the tedious calculations.


The Fast Track course fee is $3,940 and includes tuition, and room and board, for the duration of FTC. The students will be on the standard Rose-Hulman 18-meal program. The only additional cost to the student will be incidental expenses. Please note there is no additional financial assistance available for Fast Track Calculus

Remember: All participants are required to live on campus during Fast-Track Calculus.