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Meet our successful math alumni

Below they share a bit about where they went from Rose-Hulman and how they got there. They represent a diversity of careers and the enormous career potential of a math degree, especially Rose-Hulman's degree, based in problem-solving and application.

Some graduates have agreed to communicate with students at or considering Rose-Hulman. You will find their email address provided below.




John Andersen
Indianapolis, Indiana
B.S. in Mathematics, 1978
Senior Research Fellow at Eli Lilly & Co

Following graduation at Rose, I picked up an M.S. from the University of Minnesota and spent 3 years teaching mathematics & statistics at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville. I returned to Minnesota, received a Ph.D. in Statistics, and then accepted a postion at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis.



Bob Burger
Indianapolis, Indiana
B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics, 1991
Software Engineer at Beckman Coulter, Inc.

At Rose-Hulman I double-majored in computer science and mathematics, and I went on to earn my PhD in computer science from Indiana University. At both schools I took a lot of math courses across a broad spectrum of topics, and I enjoyed all of them. Since graduate school I have worked as a software engineer for a laboratory automation company, SAGIAN, part of Beckman Coulter. I particularly love the challenge of applying mathematics to make complex robotic systems that efficiently automate repetitive processes.



Marshall Goldsmith
Rancho Santa Fe, California
B.S. in Mathematics, 1970
Executive Advisor

I help leaders achieve positive, measurable change in behavior: for themselves, their people and their teams.  Much of my work involves measuring the impact of my work.  This is somewhat unusual for someone in the field of behavioral change.  My math background has given me a more rigorous view of change than many other people in my field - who seldom measure the impact of what they do.



Tad Hurst
San Diego, California
B.S. in Mathematics, 1978
Vice President, Chief Technical Officer of

As I entered graduate school at the University of Illinois, my background in mathematics became highly important.  I was in a research group that studied, among other things, the kinetic analysis of chemical reactions using pulsed-laser spectroscopy.  The task of analysis involves mathematical modeling of the concentration of key reactants and products over time - this is a pure application of differential equations. 



James Kuzmanovich  
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
B.S. in Mathematics, 1965
Professor of Mathematics at Wake Forest University

I graduated from Rose in 1965 and immediately went on to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I received my Ph.D. in mathematics. Graduate school was a challenge, but Rose had prepared me well. It is ironic that after graduating from an engineering school such as Rose, that my research area (noncommutative) algebra is one of the most abstract in mathematics.



Adrian Lawhorn
Indianapolis, Indiana
B.S. in Mathematics, 1988
Owner of Wizard Sports

After graduating from Rose-Hulman in 1988, I began a career path that is fairly common among those of us with Mathematics degrees. Through most of the years 1988-1995, I worked in the computer programming/systems analysis field. The big "breakthrough", and unusual part of my career path, began in late 1995.  Always being a big sports fan, I began to develop some ideas for sports-related businesses on the internet.



Trevis Litherland
Atlanta, Georgia
B.S. in Mathematics, 1993
Graduate student in Mathematics at Georgia Tech

After graduating in 1989, I found my way to Rose-Hulman, where I spent the first quarter needlessly worrying about flunking out, and the remainder letting the grades take care of themselves.  My junior year abroad at the University of Limerick in Ireland also turned out to be a wonderful experience, as did some summer REU programs at UT-Knoxville and at FSU. From Rose-Hulman I moved on to Georgia Tech, where I picked up my Master's Degree in Mathematics in 1995.  After a couple more years at Tech, I decided to instead enter the work force and see how I could use my mathematical background in the "real world".



Elaine Mahler
Iowa City, Iowa
B.S. in Mathematics, 2000
Graduate student at the University of Iowa

I have been studying for the actuarial exams since 2002. I have passed exams 1 and 2, but do not yet have a position. I am currently attending courses at the University of Iowa to help me study for further exams.



Bill McKenna    
Indianapolis, Indiana
B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics, 2002
Patent Attorney

After graduating from Rose-Hulman with B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics in 2002, I entered Law school at Indiana University (Bloomington) and graduated in 2005.  Prior to joining Woodard Emhardt (Indianapolis, Indiana) as a patent attorney, I was a software engineer for a large digital video processing corporation.



Donald Metzler
Sunnyvale, California
B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics, 2002
Information Retrieval Researcher at Yahoo

I graduated from Rose in 2002 (double major CS/MA). The mathematical education that I received at Rose was invaluable to me during my graduate career and will continue to be valuable as I join the work force.  I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Computer Science Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and am currently supported by a Microsoft Live Labs graduate fellowship. My research is focused on both theoretical and practical information retrieval problems. I expect to complete my Ph.D. during the summer of 2007. Upon graduation, I will join Yahoo Research in Sunnyvale, CA as a Researcher.



Paul Newton  
Mattawan, Michigan
B.S. in Mathematics, 1967
Director of General Toxicology at MPI Research, Inc.

During my senior year in high school I knew that I like mathematics and biology but I didn't know which I liked better, or into which career path I should go. Being accepted at Rose Poly helped me make that decision. After four years at Rose taking both mathematics and many engineering courses I had a BS in mathematics but I also knew that I liked "hands-on" and not the theoretical. At that time Dr. Robert Arthur started a graduate Biomedical Engineering program at Rose and there was my answer: mathematics, engineering, and biology too.



Paul Nystrom
Segundo, California
B.S. in Mathematics, 1974
Works for The Aerospace Corporation

After graduation from Rose-Hulman, I entered a fellowship program at Old Dominion University to get a Master's degree in mechanical engineering. Since then, I've worked for several organizations (NASA, GTE, et al.) and have been at The Aerospace Corporation ( for nearly 25 years. I am out in California where very few have heard of Rose-Hulman. ;-)



Wolfang Pelz
Akron, Ohio
B.S. in Mathematics, 1971
Chair of the Computer Science Department at The University of Akron

I graduated from Rose Polytechnic Institute (not Rose-Hulman then) in 1971. I had encountered statistics as a junior and really enjoyed it, so decided to go to graduate school at Virginia Tech pursuing a PhD in Statistics. My solid mathematics background from Rose gave me the skills and knowledge to be successful in that program and, after a two year side trip working for BF Goodrich in Akron, Ohio, I was awarded my doctorate in 1977.



Tony Ragucci  
College Station, Texas
B.S. in Physics and Mathematics, 1996
Senior Research Scientist at Lynntech, Inc.

I graduated from Rose in the Spring of 1996 with a double major in Physics and Math and a minor in Philosophy. From there, I went to Pennsylvania State University where I obtained my Masters in Physics in 1999 and then on to The Ohio State University where I obtained my Ph.D. in Physicsin 2004.  Since that time, I have been employed at Lynntech, Inc., a research and development company of about 140 people working in a broad range of new technology areas. I am currently a Senior Research Scientist, there, and the Sensor Program Coordinator.



Eric Reyes    
Raleigh, North Carolina
B.S. in Mathematics and Economics, 2006
Graduate Student at North Carolina State University

I graduated from Rose-Hulman in 2006 with a BS in Mathematics and Economics.  After four years of Rose, I did what my roommates considered insane…signed up for another five years of school!  When I began at Rose, graduate school was the last thing on my mind. Now, here I am - a second year graduate student in the Department of Statistics at North Carolina State University.



Jerod Weinman
Grinnell, Iowa
B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics, 2001
Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Grinnell College

After leaving Rose with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics, I got a PhD in CS on machine learning and computer vision. Although my advanced degrees are in CS, most of the work I do is in mathematical modeling.



Dean Willman                                            Indianapolis, Indiana
B.S. in Mathematics, 1974
Actuary at Milliman

I graduated from Rose-Hulman in 1974 and since have become a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries and an Associate in the Society of Actuaries.  I joined the Indianapolis office of Milliman in 1984 with primary interests in individual life insurance, financial reporting, and valuation of disability income products.



Floyd Yager
Northbrook, Illinois
B.S. in Mathematics, 1989
Assistant Product Vice President on the West Product Management Team and the state manager for California for Allstate

I received a BS in Mathematics and a minor in Economics from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1989.  I also earned a MBA from the University of Illinois - Chicago.  I am a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society,  a member of the American Academy of Actuaries, and have been active as a volunteer in the CAS serving on continuing education and exam committees, having served as an exam Part Chair and a General Officer of the Exam Committee.



Joel Atkins
Chicago, Illinois
B.S. in Mathematics, 1990

After graduating from Rose and receiving my Ph.D. in statistics from UC Berkeley, I have held a number of positions such as a statistician with the Yucca Mountain Project, a DOE project studying the viability of burying high level nuclear waste under Yucca Mountain, in the Nevada Test Site, a post-doc with chemists on nuclear magnetic resonance at Cornell, an actuary with Allstate Insurance, and currently an actuary with Zurich - a commercial insurance company.

Bruce Baker
Longwood, Florida
B.S. in Mathematics '63
Works for Servos


Many of the guys I work with use fairly sophisticated mathematics in their work:  Finite element models for structures, motor analysis, and thermal analysis.  Calculation of performance of electro-optical systems including infrared cameras.

Phillip Banet
Hoffman Estates, IL
B.S. in Mathematics '91
Actuary for Allstate


As I entered Rose-Hulman all those years ago, I was like most students.  I had declared myself to be an Electrical Engineering major and obviously selected Rose since it was the very best place to get an engineering degree. However, after a year at Rose, I figured out that it was really the mathematics that I was interested in.  So, at the start of my sophomore year, I changed my major to math.  At the time, I didn't really know what I was going to do with it.  Just figured I'd probably go to grad school and end up teaching, I guess.

Stacey Bowling
Chandler, Arizona
B.S. in EE and Mathematics, 1989
Student in Ph.D. Mathematics at ASU


I was a 1989 graduate of RHIT, with BS degrees in Electrical Engineering and in Mathematics.  In most of the positions I held, the specific mathematics I learned at Rose-Hulman wasn't used daily, but the rigorous way of thinking that I developed at Rose definitely was critical to my success.  I am now in the Mathematics PhD program at Arizona State University, where I hope to finish in 2009.

Erich Friedman
Orange City, FL B.S. in Mathematics, 1987
Professor of Mathematics at Stetson University


I started Rose as a math and computer science major, but quickly found I enjoyed math more. I took every math course I could at Rose, plus several independent studies. More than half the courses I took at Rose were math! I was fortunate to have two research experiences: one in Duluth working on graph theory and group theory, and one with Dr. Gary Sherman at Rose working on cwatsets.

Jim Freudenberg
Ann Arbor, Michigan
B.S. in Mathematics and Physics, 1978
Professor of EE and CS at Univ of Michigan


When I graduated from Rose, a lot of the job openings for Math majors were for programmers, which didn't interest me. Professor Roger Lautzenheiser suggested I tell interviewers that I was interested in control systems, an area of engineering that uses a lot of math. Using that advice I was able to get a job with Rockwell-Collins, working on the design of aircraft navigation algorithms. I soon applied to graduate school at the University of Illinois, where I graduated in 1984 with an MS and PhD in electrical engineering, and a specialty in feedback control theory.

Rex Joyner
Ft. Wayne, Indiana
B.S. in Physics and Mathematics, 1980
Professor of Physics, Indiana Institute of Technology


My career interest in college was as a Physics major, but I discovered that the amount of extra work involved in obtaining a second degree in Math was not prohibitive, so I did so. I then attended graduate school in Physics, and having that extensive Math background helped a lot.

Timothy Kilbourn 
Santa Clara, California
B.S. in Mathematics and CS, 2001 Software Engineer for Google 


I studied both mathematics and computer science at Rose-Hulman, and I have had the opportunity to use both since. I spent a year as an engineer at Software Engineering Professionals in Carmel, IN before going to graduate school at the University of Illinois.

Kyle Lacey 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
B.S. in Mathematics and Econ '99 Senior Systems Engineer at Rockwell-Collins


I moved to southern California in April 2000, working for Raytheon. Worked on a number of classified projects. For the most part, I liked to say that I built radars for fighter jets. Radars use a *ton* of signal processing algorithms as well as "intelligent-systems" sorts of things. I didn't know much of that upon graduating, but my education at Rose enabled me to learn very quickly.

Matt Lepinski
Cambridge, Mass
B.S. in Computer Science & Mathematics, 2000 Scientist for BBN


I got a double major in Math and Computer Science and went on to get a Ph.D. in Cryptography (a discipline that sits between mathematics and computer science) at MIT. I currently work as a scientist for BBN, a company in Cambridge, MA that does research and developement work for the U.S. government (mostly DARPA).

Graeme Mason
Verona, Wisconsin
B.S. EE & Mathematics, 2004 Technical Support for Customers at Epic Systems


I decided to go to Rose-Hulman because it was relatively local, and offered a great environment to learn when compared to big schools like Purdue. I enrolled as a Computer Science major but soon changed to Electrical Engineering.  After really enjoying Calculus III, I decided to keep taking math classes until I had a double major.

Ron McClintic
Minneapolis, MN B.S. in Mathematics, 1981 Self employed - Remodeling Company


My math background has served me well in so many areas it is hard to explain. When I graduated, in 81, the economy was in disarray. Not even the Marine Corp needed me. I was forced to take an entry level job as a manger at a Wendy's. But hey, I was single and it was in New Orleans so there were fringe benefits.

Rick Mohr
Columbus, Ohio B.S. in Physics & Mathematics '96 Systems Developer - the Ohio Supercomputer Center


After graduating from Rose-Hulman, I attended the Ohio State University for graduate school. I obtained my PhD in Physics in 2003. As part of the theoretical nuclear physics group, I did research in quantum mechanical three-body systems. A large part of this research involved numerically computing solutions to integral equations. As I learned the necessary computer/programming skills to perform the calculations, I discovered that I enjoyed my work with computers more than the theoretical physics I was doing.

Steve Richey
Aurora, IL
B.S. in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering '77
Capital Projects Mgr


Being a double major with mathematics and engineering, my career path has been a bit different than many mathematics majors. In reality, my professional work has not focused on traditional areas of theoretical mathematics or mechanical engineering (machine design, etc.). Rather, it's been more the application of a thought process for the systemic planning of "projects". These "projects" have been capital investments for the building of manufacturing facilities for the (chemical) process industry.

Eric Schwarz  
Denver, CO  B.S. in Mathematics and Mathematical Economics '85
Independent SAP Software Consultant


I graduated from Rose in 1985 with a degree in Mathematics and Mathematical Economics with a Technical Translator's certificate in German.  I was fortunate to be tapped to be one of the first people that the old Arthur Andersen firm hired from Rose. I went to work in the Chicago World Headquarters office in an internal support group that interfaced to third party software vendors.