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What can you do with a math degree?

Mathematically Based Careers. Though mathematics provides the backbone of many careers, its use is often hidden from view.

Complex economic and planning decisions, scientific discoveries that improve our lives, and new technologies and products often rely on mathematical or statistical analysis, as well as computer visualization, simulation, design and implementation based on mathematics.

So, often people whose first love is mathematics masquerade as systems analysts, data analysts, operations researchers, engineers, quality control experts, actuaries, statisticians, and financial analysts in business, government and industry. They combine their interest in mathematics with tough real world problems that need talent and creativity to solve.

Here are three resources that can help your investigation into enjoyable and rewarding carreers that have mathematics as a base.

  • Here is an essay on math careers and how Rose-Hulman prepares a student for them: Mathematics Careers, Rose-Hulman, and You.
  • Our career information page has a list of employers and graduate schools that Rose graduates have work for or attend. The page also has some links to career information pages and summer internship opportunities.
  • Our growing alumni profiles site has specific varied career profiles of some of our our Rose-Hulman graduates as well as companies and graduate schools of our graduates.
  • According to, Actuarial Mathematics is one of the top-paying degree fields! Since the actuarial career has been somewhat popular among Rose grads we have an information page on it: actuarial page.

Should I go to grad school? Typically positions requiring just a bachelors degree are entry level and often use a math major's analytical and problem solving skills rather than specific mathematics learned. Over the long term, career advancement will likely require post graduate education, either in the form of an advanced degree or equivalent education such as actuarial exams. The career information page above has links to more information on graduate schools and whether one should go.


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