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The Mathematics Department at Rose-Hulman also supports undergraduate research by providing many opportunities for publication.

Holdn w studnet  
Dr. Joshua Holden, Number Theory Specialist (left)  


2010 Student Publications (for older articles see the Student Publications Archive):

Fast Protein Structure Alignment, Yosi Shibberu, Allen Holder, and Kyla Lutz (Rose student)

Intrinsic Contact Geometry of Protein Dynamics, Y. Shibberu, M. E. Brandt, and D. R. Cooper (Rose student)

On Universal Cycles of Labeled Graphs, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Volume 17(1), 2010, Greg Brockman, Bill Kay and Emma E. Snively

  • Rose-Hulman also publishes a biennial undergraduate journal that publishes undergraduate work from across the country. See the most recent issue or the archives for older issues.
  • The Rose-Hulman Mathematical Sciences Technical Report Series compiles publications of work from all Rose-Hulman research. See all articles from students and faculty at the Technical Report Series Archive.