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Double Major and Two Degrees

Double Major Requirements

To complete a double major at Rose-Hulman you must satisfy all the degree requirements of the first major and all of the departmental requirements of the second major (including prerequisites). Almost all combinations are allowed. Check with the two Department Heads for precise requirements.

  • If you are completing an MA/XX double major you should consult the second major's department head for the complete description of the named requirements. Specifics on the concentration requirements and planning templates may be found on Angel.
  • If you are completing an XX/MA double major you must complete the 63 hours of mathematics "content" requirements and 8 hours of "project/thesis" requirements. The courses MA190 and MA 200 are not required, but MA 190 is recommended. It is normally possible to combine the project/thesis requirements of both programs, see the policy section below. Specific mathematics requirements to be completed for a second major in mathematics are:
    • Mathematics core courses : 39 hours
    • Concentration courses : 12 hours
    • Math elective courses: 12 hours
    • Project/Thesis (or equivalent): 8 hours.
    Specifics on the concentration requirements and planning templates may be found on Angel.
  • A table showing, for each major, the number of additional overloads or AP credits required to complete a second major or minor in mathematics, may be found here.

Also see the Double Major entry on the Registrar's Rules and Procedures webpage.

Two Degrees

To complete a two degree program the requirements of both majors must be completed plus a minimum of 32 hours credit hours beyond the larger degree. Some restrictions apply, please see the Two Degrees entry on the Registrar's Rules and Procedures. Exceptions to the restrictions may be petitioned to the Curriculum Committee.

Policy on senior projects for double majors

It is possible to use the senior project courses of a primary major as a course substitution for the senior project course requirements of a second major, provided that the second Department agrees. If such a course substitution will be made then it must so noted in the double major proposal. Here is the relevant policy covering senior projects and double majors.

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