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Mathematics Coursework Requirements: All mathematics majors must complete a common core consisting of 39 credit hours of mathematics coursework which provides breadth across the main areas of mathematics. A mathematics major must also complete an additional 12 credit hours of mathematics coursework specified for the selected major concentration plus an additional 12 credit hours earned in free elective mathematics courses. In addition, a mathematics major must complete 8 credit hours of either a senior thesis or project, meant as a capstone experience to the major. A total of 71 credit hours of mathematics courses is required for the major. It is strongly recommended that students considering graduate education in mathematics include MA 376 Abstract Algebra among their elective mathematics courses.

Degree Requirements:

In the course catalog, you'll find the coursework required for each of the concentrations available to math majors. The Mathematics concentration, the  Continuous Applied Mathematics concentration, the Discrete Applied Mathematics concentration the Statistics and Operations Research concentration (recommended for students pursuing careers in actuarial science, graduate study in statistics, or employment in government or industry in a statistical capacity).

Upon graduation, a student may request the Head of the Mathematics Department to issue a letter attesting to the fact that the requirements in the chosen concentration have been completed.

Senior Project or Thesis (8 hrs.) A student must complete either a Senior Project ( involve work done by the student(s) to solve a problem presented by an external sponsor) or a Senior Thesis, equivalent to the 8 credit hours of MA 496 - 498. The project and thesis are each important capstone experiences for the mathematics major, representing sustained efforts to solve a complex problem from industry or mathematical research.