Facilities & Resources

HSS in Moench

The Learning Center

The mission of Rose-Hulman's Learning Center is to enhance your academic performance, reinforce classroom concepts, and promote life-long learning. Peer tutors, recommended by faculty and certified by the College Learning and Reading Association, provide tutoring in engineering, mathematics, science, and writing.  For humanities and social science courses, the Learning Center offers peer editing of written work such as essays, research papers, cover letters and resumes, and much more.

Hatfield Hall Music Facilities

Hatfield Hall has various music facilities available for the use of Rose students. The  Instrumental Rehearsal Room and the Choral Rehearsal Room are available for use by all students during the regular school day, except when they are being used for teaching. They are also available during evening hours, through arrangement with the Hatfield Hall manager (Bunny Nash), except during ensemble rehearsals or other conflicting activities in the Hall. Both of these rooms contain a piano or an electronic keyboard which all students may use. Other instruments, percussion equipment, amplifiers, music stands, et cetera, are also available. Instrument storage space is available, although it is limited and priority is given to members of our official student ensembles. Use of the Hatfield Hall stage (including lighting, audio/visual, technical support, etc.) is possible through arrangement with the Hatfield Hall manager.

RHIT Art Collection

 Moench art small  

Rose-Hulman prides itself on providing a culturally rich as well as technically challenging academic environment. To this end we have an extensive collection of permanent and rotating visual arts displays. Our permanent collection includes 130 19th century British watercolors of the realism school, including landscapes and still-lifes; 100 paintings and crafts by Hoosier artists or about Indiana from the Tri Kappa Collection; more than 650 paintings by the late D. Omer "Salty" Seamon, noted Indiana watercolor artist; 400 ceramic works by the late Mary Alice Hadley, including urns, plates, bowls, and wall hangings; and paintings and bronze castings depicting scenes of the American West from the Swango Western Art Collection. Rotating displays of noted local and national artists are featured along the main corridors of Moench Hall, with new artists being featured each quarter.



Art Collection