International Studies (second major only)

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The International Studies major provides students with the opportunity to complement their primary major with a second major that prepares them for an interdependent, multicultural, and transnational world. Courses in the major focus on economic, cultural, and social processes that take place among nations and world regions. Topics may include globalization, post-colonialism, communication, migration, and environmental change.

International Studies, Entree to a World of Opportunity

Graduates will be able to apply the skills and abilities of a major in International Studies to derive real-world solutions over the course of their careers. Below are some learning goals and their applications:

Recognition of cultural diversity requires the comparison and analysis of historical, cultural, political, social, or regional differences.

  • Analyze a socio-cultural artifact, event, or system of a society different from your own.
  • Compare socio-cultural artifacts or systems in two or more cultures/world regions/civilizations
  • Carry out a project involving meaningful contact with students, colleagues, clients, or sponsors abroad.

Transnational and global awareness requires an understanding of the ideas, systems, processes, or trends that have created a globally interdependent world.

  • Explain the global causes or effects of an action or decision by nation-states, corporations, groups of people, or other actors
  • Argue for a course of action-political, economic, or otherwise-when given an international situation/case study

Independent Study of global issues requires the application of appropriate analytic vocabulary, methodologies, or critical frameworks from the Humanities or the Social Sciences

  • Assemble and evaluate resources for research in international studies.
  • Design and carry out a research project analyzing a significant international or global issue, system, process, or event.