International Studies

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Entree to a World of Opportunity

One integral component of the RHIT commitment to providing our students with the world's best undergraduate engineering education is the opportunity to obtain a second major in International Studies. Recent research in engineering education shows that moving comfortably in the international arena is an indispensable skill needed by 21st century engineers.

International Studies

At the center of the International Studies (IS) Major is a transnational approach to historical and contemporary issues. Students analyze transfers, networks, and flows of goods among countries as well as the migration of ideas, policies, and people across nations at particular historical junctures. They study the global interactions that enable, support, and regulate our world from a variety of points of view. The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences provides students with a multi-disciplinary approach to global issues. Besides learning about the political, social, and economic realities defining the modern world, students experience the diversity of human cultures, consider competing histories of civilization, and study the potential impact on the environment of a variety of social practices.

Good Reasons for International Studies

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The International Studies major is a response to the challenges engineering graduates face in today's world. As more and more students find employment outside the United States, or with companies that are transnational in their activities, they will make professional decisions that have a global impact. The IS Major prepares students for these challenges, complementing their technical expertise by providing comprehensive exposure to the geopolitical, humanistic, and environmental dimensions that shape global processes today.

Integrating the International Studies with an Engineering Degree

As a second major, the IS Major requires a total of 60 credit hours. A large number of courses can be used to fulfill the HSS distribution requirements and, if embarked upon early in the student's career, the IS major can accompany all engineering degrees without too much extra course work. As part of the course work, the major requires a year of a foreign language as well as successful completion of a senior project in International studies. Click here for more details.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in pursuing a second major in International Studies, you will need to file a double major plan of study, the forms for which are available on the Registrar's website. If you have any questions about the major, please contact either the IS Major advisor, Dr. Andreas Michel, or the HSS Department Head, Dr. Terrence Casey. The double major plans of study listed below will show you how an IS major can fit in with your current major's requirements.