Economics Major


"The absence of a basic understanding of economics has doomed many otherwise worthy engineering projects."

--Mike Hatfield, B.S., RHIT
Electrical Engineering and Economics, 1984

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, which can be pursued as a sole major or in tandem with a technical degree via our double major program. Studying economics at Rose-Hulman offers students an opportunity to gain valuable analytic and business skills that can enhance their career potential.

  Economics and Mathematics Coursework Requirements:

All economics majors must complete a common core consisting of 20 credit hours of economics coursework that provides the theoretical underpinnings for broader study in the field. An economics major must also complete an additional 24 credit hours of economics electives.   In addition, economics majors at Rose-Hulman must take 12 credit hours of upper-level math electives beyond the normal Rose-Hulman mathematics core.  Our highly mathematical approach to the study of economics distinguishes our economics degree from other schools.

Students pursuing an Economics degree as a double major in tandem with a technical degree may find that it is possible to achieve the double major with as few as five additional courses, although this may vary according to the requirements of the first degree.  Here are a few sample plans of study for double major programs:

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