Degree Requirements

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Overview of Degrees

Pursing a major or minor in the Humanities and Social Sciences while pursuing your technical degree serves to enrich both your education and your long-term professional prospects.

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, which can be pursued as a sole major or in tandem with a technical degree via our double major program.  Studying economics at Rose-Hulman offers students an opportunity to gain valuable analytic and business skills that can enhance their career potential.
Our International Studies major arms our graduates for these challenges by providing them the in-depth knowledge of politics, economics, and culture needed to operate comfortably in multicultural environments.

Beyond our majors we also offer a German Technical Translator Certificate. Students emerge from this program with an ability to translate technical and scientific documents from the original German. Additionally, about one-quarter to one-third of each year's graduating class gets a minor from the HSS Department. We offer minors in sixteen different fields: Anthropology, Art, East Asian Studies, Economics, European Studies, Geography, German, History, Japanese, Language and Literature, Latin American Studies, Music, Political Science, Philosophy and Religion, Psychology, and Spanish.

As well as providing a program of study that is intrinsically valuable, major and minor programs in the Humanities and Social Sciences offer our graduates that extra value-added that helps them to stand out among their peers.

Course Offerings and Availability

The department offers a rich variety of courses thanks to flexible course scheduling within a tentative 2-year plan. At the same time, key requisites, such as Rhetoric and Composition (RH 131), Technical and Professional Communication (RH 330), and Principles of Economics (SV 151) are offered every quarter. And all core required courses for the International Studies Major are offered at least once a year.

View the department's plan of courses for academic year 2015/16 or year 2016/17* for an idea of what courses may be offered in upcoming quarters.

*PLEASE NOTE: This schedule of classes is subject to change as deemed necessary