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Student Testimonials

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(above) Engineering Management program instructor Dr. William Kline

"The MSEM program flexibility of class locations, online offerings and recorded classes relieved the pressure of a demanding travel schedule."

Steve Corbin (class of 2012)
Navigation Development Test Engineer
Strategic Systems Programs (US Navy)

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"The Rose-Hulman MSEM is a tough, thorough program with a focus on managing technical organizations. I call it my technical MBA. Leading a technology company like SEP, it was a natural choice for me."

Jeff Gilbert (2006 graduate), President Software Engineering Professionals (SEP)


"I can hardly believe the changes that having an MS from Rose has made. The term 'open doors to opportunity' does not begin to express the benefits of the MSEM program. Rose has transformed me into a professional who is valued and appreciated. I wish I had done this sooner."

Daryl Rumbly (2010 graduate), Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane


"The MSEM Program provided an excellent mix of technical and business courses. The class timings and location made it convenient to pursue the MSEM degree while working full time. The projects were flexible; I could tailor each class to help me learn about my industry and interests."

Alan Peacock (2000 graduate), now at Dow-Agro


"The Engineering Management Program has provided me the opportunity to be successful at managing my own manufacturing department at what I think is an early age. I think back to the courses on supply chain and production systems and how I am relying on that same knowledge and understanding to drive continuous improvement and reach departmental metrics on a daily basis. Right now I have just the right mix between engineering and manufacturing that the land of opportunity is wide open."

Thomas S Reives (2010 graduate), Setter Mfg. Supervisor/Process Owner
Howmet Casting Support, Morristown


"Traveling through some of the poorest countries in Asia, I came to realize how important a decent education is. I'm grateful that I got the chance to study at RHIT. Not only did I receive an exceptional education and got a good job even before graduating, but it was an awesome intercultural experience. I got to know a lot of lovely people and brilliant minds. I do not want to miss this experience."

Maxim Przystaw, class of 2012

"With this new role, I'm even more glad I pursued the MS of Engineering Management degree. I will certainly use the subject matter from the MSEM program on a daily basis, and I'm really glad to have had formal education for it vs. simply on-the-job learning. From my perspective, I can definitely say the MSEM material has helped me get this job and will certainly help me do it better."

Joe Rottman, Class of 2008, Caterpillar