About Our Senior Projects

Programming assignments and large projects are part of most computer science and software engineering courses. These assignments familiarize students with the wide variety of tasks performed by software engineers and system analysts. The capstone Senior Project course gives students an opportunity to put these skills to the test by designing and implementing a software product for a real-world client. Recent senior projects that have been done include:

  • Design, develop, test, and deploy an engineering data analysis and plotting tool for a large research hospital.
  • Create a program that would allow for military engineers to take a photograph of a target and score the target automatically for accuracy.
  • Provide a user-customizable web interface to benchmark futures and options products available on any exchange, covering all major asset classes.
  • Provide interactive news reporting from an iPhone to a news service, including enabling users to upload news photos from their own phones.
  • Invent a GUI to replace scripts required to build plots on very detailed military maps.

Students considering graduate school in computer science are encouraged to pursue the department's senior thesis option instead of doing a senior project.

Senior Projects, 2010-11


senior project  

Contact: Zach Furniss
Roche Diagnostics Operations
Indianapolis, IN

Roche Diagnostics Operations is looking to enhance manufacturing intelligence using the mobile devices. This would enable users to have real time manufacturing statistics at their fingertips for operational inquiries and management reporting. The Roche Diagnostics Mobile Manufacturing Application (RMMA) is one small step towards the achievement of this goal.

This project's success will give Roche confidence in proprietary mobile applications and will demonstrate the worthwhile investment of time and money in these types of endeavors.

For more information on Roche and its products please visit the corporate website at www.roche.com


mobile trail  


Contact: Kari Lammer
Linn County Trails Association
Cedar Rapids, IA

Team: Eric Stokes, Team Leader
Peter Brousalis, Tim Ekl, David Pick

The Mobile Trail Mapping project is a suite of mobile applications that provide information and maps for the trails system in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. MTM applications are under development for both Android and iPhone platforms.

Covering over 30 miles of trails, the MTM applications also include photos and info about surrounding historical locations and up-to-date status messages about the trails system itself. In addition, the apps let users submit problem reports to help keep the Cedar Rapids trails clean and usable.



Christopher Songer
ConnectSoft, Inc.
Louisville, KY

ConnectSoft has developed a new software program called Qwarq. This software allows users to communicate with each other without the need for internet access for even an actual network. Using Qwarq, users can play games with

To highlight their software and create awareness, ConnectSoft would like to create a gaming application that allows for people to play on a central server. This central server will act as part of a game that allows Qwarq users to compete and collaborate in an on-going trivia game. This game is hoped to be used as a marketing tool at trade shows and possibly implemented for the public market.

Team: Mitchell Thieme, Team Leader
Aaron Blankenbaker, Mellissa Brumbaugh, JoshWilliford