SEP company Souder story  
Amanda Stouder works for SEP, a company
started by innovative Rose-Hulman graduates.

Amanda Stouder (2008) finds her Rose-Hulman Computer Science and Software Engineering degree has helped her advance as a Software Engineer. She is now developing medical device testing software at the Indianapolis firm Software Engineering Professionals.

"My job entails all aspects of software development, from requirements writing, programming through testing, and everything in between," Stouder says. "It's challenging, varied work, and always interesting."

Enthusiastic faculty with an interest in helping each student reach his or her potential, sets Rose-Hulman apart, according to Stouder. "Everyone was always helpful, caring and excited about their subject, which made it so much more interesting," she adds.

And with "ability to work in teams" coming out as the #1 employer concern in recent studies, Stouder's assessment of Rose-Hulman is pertinent to the job market: "I've always felt that Rose-Hulman taught me how to learn and problem-solve effectively, in teams and alone. That is the most valuable skill that I took away." 

Stouder also credits her Rose-Hulman education with providing the foundation that has allowed her to quickly succeed in the workplace. "My first day on the job I was presented with some cutting edge technology that many in our company still didn't understand. But a class at Rose-Hulman had taught me the underlying concepts, so I was able to pick it up fairly quickly," she explains. "I felt like I was truly able to 'hit the ground running' as they say."