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Sought After by Industry

Our graduates are well sought after by industry and graduate schools. Recent graduates went to work for Microsoft, Expedia, Amazon.com, Texas Instruments, Boeing, Interactive Intelligence, United Space Alliance, NSA, Xetron, Motorola, Beckman Coulter, Sandia, Electronic Arts, Software Engineering Professionals, Elastic Image, and Rockwell Collins. Graduate schools to which our graduates have recently been admitted to include Carnegie Mellon University, Indiana University, University of Illinois, University of Pennsylvania, MIT, and Stanford University.

Testimonials from some of our alumni

"Devoted faculty: one-on-one level commitment to making me a successful student. They are never too busy and always willing to help. No appointment necessary. Outstanding quality education: I've yet to take a graduate level CS class where I haven't had an edge on other students because of my undergraduate background. Personal feel: You get a sense of camaraderie, not competition from your fellow students."

Andrew Nuxoll, 1995

"The resultant education, both in class and out of it, not only kept me interested, but also prepared me mentally and emotionally for what was to come in the "real world." The department's concentration on building a software engineer is an approach that I have benefited from tremendously and one that my peers from other schools have envied."

- Brice Ruth, 1999

"Best education, hands down. My four years at Rose were not only the best growth experience of my life, but also the most valuable item on my resume. There is an incredible close-knit learning community among students and professors at the school and elsewhere, when I mention that I studied at Rose, people frequently warm up and extend a sort of familial connection."

- Sid Stamm, 2003

"There are many things I can say about the wonderful faculty and academics in the CSSE department, but what's most important to know is that you leave feeling like you were a part of a family. All of the faculty take a genuine interest in the students, regarding not only each student's education but also their lives in general. Because of this interest, the students have a unique opportunity for input into the curriculum and direction of the department that you won't find anywhere else."

- Tori Bowman, 2004

"While my work for MIT Lincoln Laboratory is very interesting and enjoyable, nothing yet compares to the delightfully challenging coursework that I experienced at Rose-Hulman. I thoroughly enjoyed tackling tough problems with my very talented classmates. Some great friendships were forged through the many hours spent working on various group projects. I am very lucky to have gone to a school where the faculty really try to challenge their students."

- Ryan Poplin, 2004

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