Software Engineering

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The Rose-Hulman software engineering degree prepares graduates as professionals where they will develop and maintain complex software systems, using a process similar to that used in other engineering fields.

Software engineering is the creation of software using a process similar to other engineering disciplines. It allows for software to be reliable and developed within time and cost estimates. The software engineering curriculum prepares students for a career in reliable, economical software development.

Programming is only one phase (construction) of software engineering. There are many other aspects of the software engineering process, such as requirements definition, architectural design, and quality assurance, which need to be applied in order to develop reliable software on time and within budget constraints.

SE Domain Track Process

As part of the Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSSE) degree requirements, the domain track provides a means of applying software engineering in an application domain outside of computing (e.g., biology is a domain where software applications are commonly developed).

SE Domain Tracks

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Software engineering graduates work in a wide variety of software application areas, including embedded real-time systems, video games, information systems, and webbased applications. The department's curricula are designed to prepare students for a variety of careers in the rapidly changing computer science and software engineering environments. Our courses emphasize fundamental concepts and techniques, including teamwork, communications skills, and professional ethics.

The software engineering curriculum provides students a solid background in both the theory and practice of all phases in the software engineering process, beginning with their first course of study in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, and continuing to the end of the senior year.

For more information on courses and suggested curriculum, see the undergraduate course catalog.