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Winter Board of Advisors Meeting

The department gathered with its Board of Advisors and Board of Associates on Wednesday, November 30 for our annual winter meeting.  The winter meeting is always student-focused, and the board members had a busy day.  They contributed several hours to mentoring senior design projects before joining our students, faculty and staff for the ASCE Winter Banquet at lunch.  Dr. Robert Houghtalen, Professor Emeritus and former department head, provided a banquet presentation on Sustainable Service.  After the banquet, our board members provided mentoring sessions to our students for finding permanent positions or summer internships, and finally wrapped up the meeting with assessment of the prior year's senior design reports.  During a short business meeting, the board also voted to reaffirm our Civil Engineering Program Educational Objectives, and voted to adopt an official charter defining Board of Advisor, Board of Associates and Emeritus Board membership, roles and responsibilities.  Attendance for the meeting was exceptional, with a total of 24 professionals joining us for the day.