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Mission: To provide an excellent chemical engineering education through a combination of theory and practice that prepares students for productive professional careers and advanced graduate studies.

Educational Objectives:  Program Educational Objectives are broad statements that describe the career and professional accomplishments that the program is preparing graduates to achieve in three to five years.

  1. Apply a strong academic foundation to make early career contributions to the profession.
  1. Work in teams to tackle diverse, open-ended problems and to effectively communicate their findings.
  1. Apply skills for a long-term, productive career in an ever changing global environment.

Goals:  As has been done since we offered the nation's first degree in chemical engineering in 1889, the undergraduate program in chemical engineering undertakes to prepare individuals for careers in the chemical process industries.

Our specific mission statement is "To educate students so that a knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, and other natural sciences gained by study and practice can be applied with judgment to develop economic ways of using materials and energy for the benefit of humankind."

The chemical engineering curriculum covers a breadth of fundamental principles so that the chemical engineering graduates have a working knowledge of advanced chemistry, material and energy balances applied to chemical processes, thermodynamics, heat, mass, and momentum transfer, chemical reaction engineering, separation operations, process design and control. The program provides students with appropriate modern experimental and computing techniques in unit operation laboratory and requires them to work in teams and submit written and oral reports on their laboratory projects. A capstone experience in the senior year gives students an opportunity to integrate their knowledge. A chemical engineering graduate is expected to demonstrate ability to model chemical engineering problems, design and conduct experiments and use knowledge and skills to solve real world chemical engineering problems. The program also includes the study of health, safety, environmental and ethical issues in the chemical engineering profession.

Our broad mission statement is "To provide a balanced education to enable our students to practice in the dynamic and progressive chemical engineering profession and appreciate their responsibility to their colleagues in industry, the community and the world."