Why a Biology Minor?

You may ask, "How can the marketability of my baccalaureate degree be enhanced by an Area Minor in Biology?" The answer can be found by examining the rapid developments occurring in the biotechnology and health related industries.

For example, Applied Opticians and Physicists are developing bioimaging technologies and exploiting the use of lasers in medical technologies. Chemical Engineers are producing and purifying bioactive compounds using fermentation and bioseparation processes. Other bioactive and biodegradable compounds are being produced synthetically by Chemists.

Civil Engineers are restoring and managing ecosystems. Computer Engineers and Computer Scientists are key players in the burgeoning area of bioinformatics. Economists manage the multi-billion dollar finances associated with the biotechnology and health related industries. Electrical Engineers are designing implantable devices for artificial neural and muscular stimulation. Mathematicians are addressing problems in biocomplexity and structural and computational biology. And Mechanical Engineers are designing prosthetics and surgical devices.

For more information on preparing for such opportunities in your primary area of interest, please contact the Area Minor Adviser or visit the course catalog.