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List of Mechanics Problems
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grapefruit falling with and without air resistance airesist (30 min)
plot average acceleration with decreasing time intervals aveacc ( 30 min)
plot average velocity with decreasing time intervals avevel (30 min)
introductory exercise, simple graph ballup (10 min)
(short version of conserv.force) potential function/ closed path conshort (20 min)
wheel and mass and crank crank (>1hr)
  hammer force and impulse on plate hammer (10 min)
rotational moment of inertia for a bar inertia (35 min)
two balls colliding in midair jim&phil (60 min)
ball launched between 2 points launch (30 min)
mass, spring, incline massinc (40 min)
mass, spring, incline, with friction massinfr (45 min)
Mass hanging from spring. mspring (30 min)
impulse given by fast charged particle (home packet: E&M) particle (40 min)
path of ping-pong ball with and without drag force ping (40 min)
frequency response of spring mass system rcspring (45 min)
gravitational force rod exerts on a tiny sphere rodgrav (15 min)
find maximum horizontal jump distance from end of ramp skboard (60 min)
not done Is it better to speed up when hitting a barrier? speedup  
motion of an amusement park ride with two arms and angular velocities teacup (60 min)
  tennis serve impulse vs. time tennis (10 min)
Numerically integrate to find the time for a stud wall to fall over wallfall (30 min)
Mass hangs from upper thread; yank to break lower thread yank (60 min)
advanced version of yank - solve equation of motion w/o approximations yankadv (60 min)

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