College & Life Skills

Fall Quarter 2003


Wednesday, 6th hour, 12:40 pm


Instructor:  Donna Gustafson
Office: Union Building HMU 243
877-8275 (office), 894-3474 (home)

  Course Description & Purpose: This course will assist the student in acquiring life skills & in learning more about themselves.  These new skills will assist the student in a smooth transition from high school to college and will provide the students with the tools necessary for success as a student and in life.  Additionally, this course will introduce students to people & resources at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology who can assist them in providing a positive educational and personal experience.

Class schedule & meeting rooms
Wednesday, 7th hour, 1:35 - 2:25 pm
Wednesday, 6th hr. as assigned

Your grade will be based upon the following:
    A.    Activity Reports                          20%
    B.    Written assignments                     40%
    C.    Attendance                                 20%
    D.    Electronic Portfolio                      20%



Week of the Term Date Wednesday  Class Session
Week 1 Wed., Sept. 10 Course Introduction, syllabus distribution, Greek Life presentations
    Homework:  Activity report
Week 2 Wed., Sept 17 Speaker - Office of the Registrar
    Homework:  Activity report
Week 3 Wed., Sept. 24* Career Services - Co-op and Internship Opportunities   
    *There will be an evening session on Tuesday, Sept. 30 in addition to our Wednesday class meeting.  This is mandatory for all students. Attendance will be taken by each facilitator. 
Week 4 Wed., Oct. 1 Library and Learning Center Orientation
Week 5 Wed., Oct. 8 Career Services - E-Recruiting System, resume writing
Week 6 Wed., Oct. 15 Business Etiquette
Week 7 Wed., Oct. 22 Electronic Portfolios
Week 8 Wed., Oct. 29 Career Services - Overview of Resources, Panel Discussion
Week 9 Wed., Nov. 5 Engenius Solutions
Week 10 Wed., Nov. 12 Alumni Office,

Freshman Poll, Course Evaluation, Myers Briggs Personalaity Type Indicator Results

Activity Reports:
You are required to complete four activity reports.  In the report you will outline a Rose activity which you have attended.  You may include only one fraternity/sorority rush activity.  If you are a varsity athlete, you may not include practices.  Each activity may only be listed once.  That is one per category.  For instance, if you attend 3 volleyball matches, you could only turn this in as your one sporting or athletic event.  Other examples include: club meetings, drama club production, fine arts presentation, blood drive.

Activity reports are due 2nd, 4th, 6th and 7th weeks.  They may be turned in prior to the due dates.

Activity Sheet Form