Renting Equipment

bullet.gif (887 bytes)Must be a member of RHSC

bullet.gif (887 bytes)Must be a certified diver

bullet.gif (887 bytes) The function that the gear is to be used at must be an actual RHSC Club activity or signed out and in appropriately by the Equipment Manager.

bullet.gif (887 bytes) RHSC has first priority for the use of the gear and retains the right to refuse rental to any parties that it deems necessary.

bullet.gif (887 bytes) Individuals using RHSC gear will be responsible for depositing a predetermined amount for the use of the rented equipment. Voting Members will be charged a $100 fee, while Members will be charged slightly higher fee. Voting Members have priority on the request of gear rental. All individuals requesting use of the equipment must pay the predetermined deposit to the Secretary before receiving any equipment. 

bullet.gif (887 bytes) Equipment will not be released until the Equipment Manager contacts the Secretary/Treasurer to confirm the deposit of the user(s).  

bullet.gif (887 bytes) Individuals requesting use of gear must sign a waiver form, releasing Rose-Hulman and RHSC from any liability incurred in an accident with the gear.

bullet.gif (887 bytes) Individuals requesting use of the gear must prove membership and insurance through an approved SCUBA Diving Insurance Program, such as Diver’s Alert Network.  

bullet.gif (887 bytes) Individuals using RHSC gear will be responsible for damages beyond normal wear and tear.

bullet.gif (887 bytes) Equipment rented must be cleaned and dried by the user(s). Failure to comply will result in the withholding of a predetermined amount from the initial deposit.

bullet.gif (887 bytes) The total amount deposited at the time of the sign out, minus the rental fees as described in Section 5, will be refunded by the Secretary/Treasurer within twenty four (24) hours of the Equipment Manager inspection, approval and acceptance of the used equipment.


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