The National Society of Black Engineers
At Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
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Rose-Hulman Chapter Constitution

The Rose-Hulman NSBE Chapter constitution adheres to both the National Constitution and the Region IV Constitution. The Constitution states the laws to which the Rose-Hulman chapter is responsible to keep.

Rose-Hulman Constitution
Rose-Hulman Chapter Bylaws
The Rose-Hulman NSBE Chapter Bylaws dictates how the club will be run on a chapter basis. The Bylaws further define the Executive Board member's duties to the chapter. The Bylaws also include rules to follow concerning meetings, finances, elections, etc.

Rose-Hulman Bylaws
Rose-Hulman Chapter Newsletters and Brochures
Newsletters are created at a minimum of once a year to ensure that alumni, donors, and friends of the Rose-Hulman NSBE chapter are informed on the actions of the chapter. These newsletters can also be used as a method of keeping a history of the NSBE chapter.
Brochures are used for recruitment purposes, and as a method to secure sponsors. These brochures are a way to learn about the chapter at a glance. 

2008-2009 Newsletter

NSBE Recruitment Brochure
Rose-Hulman Chapter Minutes
In order to really understand the Rose-Hulman's chapter day-to-day activity, the Genral Meeting Minutes for the year should be accessed.

Sept. 22, 2009
Nov. 10, 2009
Rose-Hulman Chapter Pictures
The following link will reroute to the Rose-Hulman NSBE chapter's Picassa Website. At this website all pictures from all years, starting from 2007, can be viewed and downloaded.   

NSBE RHIT Chapter Pictures