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Environmental Health & Safety

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) for Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is responsible for all aspects of environmental, health, and safety management for the Institution.  The focus of this function is the prevention of injuries and illnesses to faculty, staff, employees and students of Rose-Hulman, as well as compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and laws governing the activities of the Institution.

 The Office of Environmental Health and Safety assists the Institution in promoting a safe and healthful environment for all individuals associated with the Institution, including students, faculty, staff and visitors.  Additionally, OEHS coordinates with other departments and functions on campus to minimize loss of resources including property, personnel, and processes.

 In support of this mission OEHS is committed to:

  • Cooperate with academic and administrative departments to identify health, safety, and environmental hazards or non-compliance and assist in resolving those issues through education, monitoring and problem solving.
  • Provide technical services and expertise to the campus community.
  • Encourage and open atmosphere for the exchange of ideas and suggestions for a safe, healthful, and environmentally responsible campus community.
  • Maintain necessary documentation to demonstrate regulatory compliance and responsible actions within health, safety, and environmental activities.
  • Evaluate the status of and oversee the compliance with health, safety and environmental standards and regulations, and Institution programs through inspections, audits, and monitoring.
  • Respond to and investigate health, safety, and environmental concerns of individuals associated with the Institution.
  • Assist the Institution in emergency preparedness, response and remediation activities.
  • Care for the environment by promoting ethical and responsible behaviors.
  • Demonstrate sound fiscal responsibility and management of budgetary resources.


This page last updated on August 27, 2008