Rose-Hulman College Republican Constitution




Article I (Organization Name and Purpose)


Section 1. The name of this organization shall be "The Rose-Hulman College Republicans," and shall be referred to in this document as the "RHCR."


Section 2. The purpose of the RHCR shall be to promote the principles of the Republican Party among the students attending Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology; to persuade others that the ideals of the Republican Party best represent the spirit of America; to provide a forum for discussion and growth of the Republican Party; to provide service to the Republican Party at all levels; to aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government; and to develop strong leadership abilities and political skills among Republican students as preparation for future service to the Republican Party and to the United States of America.


Article II (Membership)


Section 1. Membership in RHCR is open to those students currently enrolled in either Rose-Hulman’s graduate or undergraduate programs. RHCR may also admit members of Rose-Hulman faculty and staff. To be considered a member, he or she must be added to the mailing list.


Section 2. In order to vote during meetings of RHCR, a member must be on the mailing list and have attended the last meeting before the election. If the member did not attend the previous meeting, he or she may petition the officers for voting privileges. The officers will allow voting for that member by a two-thirds vote.


Article III (Elections)


Section 1. Officers of the Rose-Hulman College Republicans will be elected during the first April meeting of each school year in order for adequate recruiting and preparation for the next school year.


Section 2. The officers of the RHCR shall include a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.


Section 3. To be elected as an officer of the RHCR you must receive a nomination, and the nomination must be seconded. A majority vote must take place by the members present of the RHCR in order for the member to be elected. A tie-breaking vote may be used by voting again on the two candidates with the most votes.


Section 4. Voting order is as follows: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary. Nominations for an office, followed by voting of that office should be completed before moving on to the next elected office position.


Section 5. CHAIRMAN: The Chairman shall preside over all meetings of RHCR and serve as official spokesman of RHCR. The Chairman has final say over all matters, which do not require a vote by the officers. The Chairman shall also coordinate efforts with allied organizations and branches of the Republican Party. In the event the Chairman cannot attend a meeting, he must provide the Vice-Chairman with the agenda for the meeting.


Section 6. VICE-CHAIRMAN: The Vice-Chairman shall preside over all meetings of the RHCR, should the Chairman not be in attendance. The Vice-Chairman shall act as a representative of RHCR to the local party and other organizations on campus. The Vice-Chairman shall be responsible for appointing a Webmaster and a Public Relations Chair. These position nominees must be approved by the officers by a simple majority vote.


Section 7. TREASURER: To make financial reports to the Officers and Directors at RHCR meetings, and distribute funds upon authorization of a majority vote of Officers. The Treasurer shall also be responsible for the maintenance of RHCR financial records. The Treasurer shall also coordinate fund-raising events and correspond with donors.


Section 8. SECRETARY: The duties of the Secretary shall be to take minutes at all meetings; keep a membership roster; update the mailing list; keep a calendar of planned events; and to work with the other officers in planning events.


Article IV (Fundraising and Expenses)


Section 1. Any expense the group wishes to incur must be voted on and approved by a majority of the registered members in the group.


Section 2. Any fundraiser or event the members of the RHCR attend or sponsor must be approved by a majority vote of the members of the RHCR in order to protect the reputation and integrity of the RHCR.


Section 3. RHCR shall not collect membership dues.


Section 4. RHCR will not petition SGA for funds for partisan purposes. RHCR may ask for funds for non-partisan events as the need arises.


Article V (Association)


Section 1. The RHCR must abide by all of the rules set forth in the Constitution of the Indiana Federation of College Republicans (see attached).


Article VI (Changes to the Constitution)


Section 1. This Constitution shall be available by request by members and available on the ANGEL group. This Constitution must then be ratified by a vote of affirmation.