Welcome to the Rose Band website! The band program at Rose-Hulman is made up of people who want to make great music and have fun doing it.


1/28/2014 -- New Webmaster

We have gained access to update the band page again after a few years, and over the next few weeks will be updating it to accurately reflect the current state of the bands. If you notice something that needs to be changed, please contact Jeremiah Goist @ goistjt@rose-hulman.edu or Julie Dugger @ dugger@rose-hulman.edu

10/3/09 -- Site Rediscovered

As it turns out, we actually do have an official band website! This thing hasn't been used in about three years, so there are a lot of cobwebs to get through. Please be patient as the new webmaster learns how to code in html and tries to get this up to date. If you notice something that needs to be changed on the site, contact David Blanchard (Pep Band) via the Feedback section.

11/1/06 -- Site Facelift

As you may have noticed, our site has just been through a major overhaul. If you have any questions or comments, please contact William through the Feedback section.

9/9/06 -- Recordings Section

You can now hear some of the music that we have played in the past few years! This music has been placed in a new 'Recordings' section. Currently we have music from the Jazz and Concert bands.

9/8/06 -- New Webmaster

Our old webmaster, Krishna Ersson, has graduated and William Fuqua is our new webmaster. The site upgrade is still in the works, but it may take slightly longer due to this change. This site is currently going through some clean up and maintenance

7/17/05 -- Minor Updates

Changes to several sections with minor updates in preparation for the coming school year. A major overhaul of the website is being planned. This may or may not be implemented before September, but at the very least we will be adding important dates to the calendar by the first week of school so everyone knows what's going on. Check back at the end of August for more info.

11/22/04 -- New Server

The Band Computer is now up and running as our new webserver! Currently we are using it to host the Calendar GUI and database, and we will be bringing back the music database system on it in the future. It has the capability to store much more than the Rose webspace allows, and we will probably take advantage of this by hosting recordings of music and other large media files.

If anyone would like to use the server to host any band-related webpages/media, contact William Fuqua [fuquawa].

Rehearsal times for each band are now posted on The Bands section of the website.

9/21/04 -- More Updates!

A new graphical calendar has replaced the old text calendar. It can be found in the Calendar section of the website. If there are any concerns regarding this new system (typos, suggestions, comments, questions) please email Krishna Ersson [erssonkk].

The latest revision (rev. 6) of the Constitution has been uploaded to the site. You can find it in HTML, ODT, DOC, and PDF formats.

8/28/04 -- Webpage Updates

The webpage has been updated for the new school year. The new officers are posted and Krishna Ersson will also be helping to maintain the webpage. Comments and suggestions about this webpage and/or the band program are always welcome!

Look for the Rose Bands booth at the activities fair on 9/1/04 from 7-9pm in the Kahn Room! You'll have a chance to meet some of the officers and ask any questions you'd like about any of the bands.

2/4/04 -- New Webpage

The Rose Bands webpage was recently redone. In addition to cosmetic changes, the internals of the site have also been completely redone to make the site easier to maintain and update. Please email the webmaster if you encounter any bugs or typos. Thanks!


Thank you to whoever sent in the comment about the pages rendering at super wide sizes. The issue was specific to stylesheets in Internet Explorer, and the page was only originally tested in Mozilla, Netscape, and Konqueror. Problem's fixed now, so thanks!