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The RHIT Commercial Card program is intended to simplify the Purchasing and Accounts Payable functions by eliminating waste and reducing transaction costs.  For buyers, it facilitates the timely acquisition of materials and supplies. 

This program is an alternative to petty cash, check requests and low-dollar purchase orders.  The RHIT card is a MasterCard credit card issued by JP Morgan Chase. 

The card will have no impact on personal credit.  Although cards are assigned to individuals, the card is actually issued to the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Since the use of the card commits Institute funds, this responsibility should not be taken lightly. 

Obtaining a Card

A potential cardholder should review the responsibilities outlined on this site as well as the Cardholder's Guide.  After discussion with the departmental manager, the Cardholder's Agreement should be read and completed.  This form requires approval from the employee's supervisor.  The employee's supervisor will sign the request and forward it to the Director of Administrative Services, CM 25, for final approval. 

Cardholder Responsibilities

Cards are issued to individuals, rather than to departments.  The individual who accepts an Institute purchasing card agrees to abide by all Institute rules.  Failure to do so may result in the individual being liable for expenses incurred and/or forfeiture of card privileges.  For additional information, see the Cardholder's Guide and also refer to the page of Fraud Tips.

Card Limits

The standard limits on a card are $2499 per purchase.  The dollar limit per cycle is generally $10,000.  If different limits are needed or desired, these should be discussed with Purchasing.  If travel and entertainment are requested (gasoline, hotels, food, etc.), this should be indicated on the application.  All limits as well as final approval for Travel and Entertainment are subject to Business Office approval.

Monthly Reconciliation

Record keeping is essential to ensure the program's success. One of the responsibilities that a cardholder accepts is the timely and accurate accounting of all expenditures.  An email will be received reminding the cardholder or the department's designee that it is time to account for card usage.  For step-by-step instructions on how to proceed, see the Cardholder's Guide.


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