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Following is a brief overview of accounting processes and oversight    responsibilities for awarded grants and contracts.  Notice of grant  awards, award letters, or fully executed agreements should be directed to the Sponsored Programs Office to initiate accounting and other grant/contract administrative processes. 




Sponsored Programs Responsibilities

  • Establishes accounting records (grant and fund number) within Banner

  • Establishes grant/contract budget based on the notice of award

  • Forwards copy of account set-up to PI

  • Reviews grant and contract check requests and invoices

  • Prepares permitted adjustments to grant accounts as required

  • Prepares grant/contract bills and ensures revenue is received

  • Prepares and submits all financial reports

  • Reminds PI of technical reporting requirements

  • Periodically reviews accounts for compliance with sponsor budget guidelines

  • Reviews modification requests for grants or contracts and obtains Institute approval

  • Maintains records in accordance with sponsor guidelines

  • Ensures proper close-out of awards



Principal Investigator Responsibilities

  • Agrees to all sponsor terms and conditions

  • Works with Sponsored Programs to ensure compliance with terms and conditions

  • Ensures expenditures are allowable, reasonable, and appropriate to the project

  • Manages expenditures not to exceed available award balance

  • Approves payment for subcontractor invoices

  • Prepares technical reports and provides other deliverables as required

  • Consults Sponsored Programs if it becomes necessary to change:

Award Period

Financial and technical reporting requirements

Scope of project

Involvement of animals or human subjects

Principal Investigator

Performance site(s)- subcontract

Project Budget

Level of Effort of key project personnel





Processing Invoices and Purchase Orders

  • PI must authorize (sign) all invoices and POs charged to a grant/contract

  • Invoices charging a grant/contract account submitted to Sponsored Programs by 10:00 a.m. on Monday will be paid the following Friday

  • PI may authorize support staff to place purchase orders against a grant account by notifying Sponsored Programs (email is accepted)

  • See the RHIT Purchasing Policy and Procedures for assistance with PO creation and payment processing questions




Accessing Budget Data via Banner Web

  • PI may authorize support staff to have query access to non-salary expenditure data by notifying Sponsored Programs (email is accepted

  • PI may check grant/contract account balance and expenditure detail via the Banner Web

  • Follow the link "Finance" and then "Budget Query".  On-line help text appears on each web page to assist with queries

  • Remember that all data returned via the web for grants/contracts is project inception to date rather than year to date

  • For assistance with web queries users may either refer to Web Training Document or contact Sponsored Programs




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