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Our Current Sponsors

Rose-Hulman Efficient Vehicles is currently sponsored by the following organizations:

Rose-Hulman Ventures is an engineering educational experience located at Rose-Hulman's South Campus, three miles south of the main campus. It serves as a source of internships and job opportunities with startups and established companies of all sizes for Rose students and alumni.

Rose-Hulman Student Government Association is an organization that helps provide Rose-Hulman students with opportunities to be involved on campus and help in meaningful ways via leadership, club sponsoring, and the ability to make valuable changes to the Rose community.

MISUMI USA, Inc. was established as a subsidiary of MISUMI Corp. in 1988. Founded in 1963, MISUMI Corporation has been a powerful behind-the-scenes presence supporting the Factory Automation Machine Industry through its catalog and e-commerce sales in Japan and throughout the world. Our mission is to provide innovative original products that fulfill our customers need for high quality, low prices and short delivery times.