[R.]esidence [H.]all [A.]ssociation
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Please read the rules below, because we will hold you to them! Also please keep in touch with the website because your target may change.

Assassins is a simple strategic game that consists of a group of people and contracts. Yes, it's safe - physical harm is not part of the play. Instead, the nature of the game is to:

  1. Track down your mark and complete the contract.
  2. More importantly, stay in the game!
To play, you must register on the RHA website before the game begins. Once you register, you will be given a unique game password that will be used for authentication.

Play will begin on Wednesday January 21st , 2015. 7:30PM At this time, everyone that has registered will receive one unique contract that defines your mark. As long as your mysterious assassin hasn't caught up to you, you are still in the game and may attempt to find your mark. If you complete your contract, you will be given your mark's contract. This pattern will continue until the time limit is reached, TBA, or if there is only one person remaining. If the time limit occurs first, the winner(s) will be the player(s) with the most completed contracts who are still in the game; otherwise, the last person in the game is the winner. Other prizes will be awarded for: second to last place along with the player with the most kills overall.

Once a contract is completed (explained in the rules) the mark must reveal their mark to their assassin. Not revealing or falsifying your next mark to your assassin is cheating and all violators will be socially humiliated by their peers.

To allow individuals a chance to evade their assassins for an entire day the Moderator will announce acceptable acts of immunity via email on the day prior. Immunity will come at the cost of pride so beware, immunity is not cheap.

To see your current and completed contracts or report a contract as completed, simply login with your User ID and password.

Questions? The Assassins Moderator is at your service.

assassin: player who has been assigned another player to eliminate; this other player is called the mark
contract: an assignment that reveals to an assassin their mark
  1. The moderator is always right. Even if the moderator says that he/she is wrong, the Moderator is still right.
  2. A contract is completed when the assassin is in contact with the mark with an item touching them and says "RHA Assassination!" (exclamation point is optional). If the assassin chooses to use their item against their target in a non-harmful way (such as clipping an clip to them, or tossing a frisbee at them which they catch or are very gently hit by) that is also an acceptable method of assassination so long as the assassin proclaims "RHA Assassination!" immediately after using the item.
  3. In the event that an assassin attempts to assassinate a target, reveals their identity in the process, and fails to assassinate the mark due to the mark dodging their projectile or melee weapon, or by blocking the assassin's melee weapon swing or projectile with a melee weapon of their own, the mark can yell "RHA Assassin!" and a failed assassination attempt has occurred. At this point, the assassin has been revealed and the mark is free from assassination for one hour or the length of time they are in their current location, whichever is longer.
  4. Once a contract is complete, the mark must give up their next mark. Not giving up your mark or giving the assassin something else ruins the fun of the game and makes you look stupid.
  5. The mark of a contract is out of the game at the moment when the contract is completed (see rule 2). Please do not continue playing the game just because the assassin hasn't recorded it on the website. Again, this is the kind of thing that ruins the fun of the game.
  6. Certain areas are deemed "Safe Zones" where no contracts can be carried out. In the residence halls each participant's room is a safe zone, friend's rooms are not. The library and within the academic buildings classrooms and labs are safe zones, but hallways are free game. The Cafeteria, Dining Hall, Worx/Noble Roman's, Subway and dining line are all safe zones. For obvious reasons, all bathrooms on campus are safe zones.
  7. Immunities not completed to specification or on the wrong day do not count. Contracts completed on a mark with an invalid immunity counts.
  8. Any destruction or direct removal of a mark's immunity by an assassin will result in one full day of immunity to the mark and social humiliation to the assassin.
  9. In the event that the time limit is reached and no contracts have been completed, a winner will not be declared.
  10. In the event that the time limit is reached and two or more living players have the same number of completed contracts, the number being more than one (see rule 8), a tie will be in effect.