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Matt Sinclair
Director for Recreational

Sports & Athletic Facilities
(812) 877-8031


Brian Shearer
Associate Director for

Recreational Sports & Athletic Facilities/Head Softball Coach 

(812) 872-6086

Ryan A. Brimberry
Assistant Director for     Recreational Sports & Athletic Facilities
(812) 877-8621

Dan O'Leary
Coordinator for Intramurals and Club Sports/ Special Events
(812) 877-8987


Sports and Rec FAQs____________________________________________________________

Q. Where is the Sports and Recreation Center located?
A. The Sports and Recreation Center (SRC) is located on the northwest side of campus at the bottom of the hill by the varsity football field. You may find the Sports and Recreation Center by entering the main campus entrance just east of the intersections of US Highway 40 and US Highway 46. Turn left at the first intersection on campus. Proceed approximately 100 yds. Then turn right, which is the first road that you will come to. Follow the road between buildings and down the hill. Cross the bridge towards the bottom of the hill and proceed straight to the SRC parking lot. The SRC is the building just west of Cook Stadium Football Field.

Q. Who is eligible to use the Sports and Recreation Center?
A. The Sports and Recreation Center is open to all Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology students, faculty, staff, alumni, spouses, and children. All patrons eligible to recieve a hand code must be 18 years of age or older. Any campus community member who does not have a current Rose-Hulman I.D. card must go to the Human Resources Office and fill out a waiver form before they can obtain eligibility to the facility. Facility entry and exit must always be through the designated main and vestibule entrance and exits. The entries are governed by a technologically sound hand scanner and turnstile. All participants to the SRC will be assigned an access code. Any one without an access code and who is not a guest will not be allowed into the facility unless arrangements have been made through the SRC either the Recreation or Athletic Offices.

Q. May I bring a guest to the Sports and Recreation Center?
A. Each eligible patron may bring up to two guests with them to the Sports and Recreation Center. The guest must fill out a waiver form provided by the SRC on their first visit. The eligible patron with the hand scan code must then accompany the guests during their entire visit. Guest may include parents, brothers, sisters, friends, etc…

Q. What restrictions apply to spouses, children, alumni, and guests?
A. They may not play Intramural Sports or participate in the Sport Clubs Program.

Q. How do I check out equipment?
A. To check out equipment you must present a Rose-Hulman I.D. card to the Building Supervisor on duty. You may find the equipment check out station in the Department of Recreational Sports and Athletic Facilities (SRC Office 265), which is located straight down the hallway from the main entrance hand scanners. Select balls, racquets, and other sports related equipment are available for checkout at the SRC.

Q. How do I reserve either the racquetball or indoor tennis court?
A. You may reserve either the racquetball or indoor tennis court by calling the Department of Recreational Sports and Athletic Facilities at (812)877-8069. The Building Supervisor on duty can assist you by looking at the reservation book that is kept in the office. Reservations must be made at least an hour before the time that you would like to play. Individuals who abuse the reservation process by not showing up when they have a reservation will be banned from making future reservations.

Q. How do I reserve a court/field from the Department of Recreational Sports and Athletic Facilities?
A. You can reserve a court or field from the Department of Recreational Sports and Athletic Facilities by contacting either Al Morrison at (812)877-8054 or Ryan Brimberry at (812)877-8621. Please keep in mind that varsity athletics, intramural sports, and sport clubs have first priority to reservations.

Q. When is open gym time scheduled?
A. Open gym time varies from night to night depending on practice and game schedules. You may find a complete listing of open gym time at the Schedules link on the Recreation Homepage.

Q. May I reserve a locker?


Locker rooms and lockers are available to all students and their guests. Students use the locker rooms marked Intramural. Use of lockers is on a first come first serve basis. Reserving lockers for permanent use is not an option. Students may lock up their belongings while using the facility, but must remove lock when leaving the facility.


Locker rooms are also available to all faculty, staff, and their guests. There are two locker rooms marked Faculty and Staff, one male and one female. Lockers can be reserved for faculty and staff by taking a slip off the designated lockers and turning them into Al Morrison (SRC Office B). If all lockers in the designated Faculty and Staff locker rooms are taken, the overflow needs to use the Intramural locker room, which will also have slips for designated lockers. For more information concerning locker room reservations please contact Al Morrison at (812)877-8054.

Q. How many laps on the track make a mile?


8 laps around the indoor track in the SRC make a mile.


4 laps around the outdoor track at the William Welch Outdoor Track Complex make a mile.

Q. When are outside of campus events scheduled?
A. Events are scheduled throughout the year with most occurring during the summer months. All non-Rose-Hulman related events are scheduled during breaks (i.e. Christmas Break, Spring Break, Summer Break, etc…).

Q. Are there always lifeguards on duty when the facility is open?
A. No. The pool always closes one hour before the facility closes. This gives our lifeguards time to properly close the pool. Also, our facility is mainly ran by students during the school year, which results in students not showing up to work or being late. When lifeguards do not show up to work, or are late, on days that they are scheduled the pool must be closed. If you are traveling to use the pool, you may want to call ahead to the Sports and Recreation Center main office at (812)877-8069.

Q. Why do you have to shower before entering the pool?
A. Indiana Health Department regulations require that all patrons shower before entering the pool. This helps to ensure proper water quality for the safety and enjoyment of our patrons. It is the single most important factor in maintaining a clean, healthy pool.