About Small Groups

You could say SG's are the core of Rose-Hulman InterVarsity. They're a chance for students to build community, study God's word, and grow in their faith. They meet weekly in each residence hall, so one is never too far!
If you are a commuter or cannot make it to your hall's, feel free to go to any that fits your schedule!

Small group leaders organize and rally attendees for each SG Bible study or other event. They're headed up by Nathan Shumway and Amy Schleter, the ministry coordinators. Contact them with any general questions.

Locations / Leaders

Residence HallSmall Group Leader(s)LocationDayTime
Deming Dalton Lentz and Nick BanderDeming Lobby Tuesday 8:30PM
BSB MenPeter HeidlaufBSB Lobby Tuesday 8PM
Speed Spencer Murphy and Adam WentzSpeed Lobby Tuesday 9PM
Percopo Jordan Arnt and Landen GelwicksPercopo 2 Lobby Tuesday 9PM
Triplets Men Seth Kiefer and Casey LangdaleSharp Lobby Tuesday 8PM
Freshmen Women Amy Schleter and Kayla GreeneUnion CouchesTuesday 8PM
Apartments Travis Tatlock and Aaron ForemanApartments West 1 Lobby Tuesday9PM
Lakeside Grant Madinger Tuesday9PM