About InterVarsity

InterVarsity is a student-run ministry of students and faculty on campus who want to grow in love for God, His Word, and each other. We are not an athletic organization, despite a usual Ultimate Frisbee IM team.

IV organizes small groups in all of the residence halls, and holds a large group every week to come together as a bigger community. We go to IV conferences to fellowship with people from other chapters. IV also does a lot of service and outreach events on campus and in the community.

Anyone is encouraged to attend any InterVarsity events! Head to a Large Group or contact Micah Aldrich to get on our e-mail list to find out about special events each week.

Daily Prayer Meetings

4:30 every weekday at Union Couches

We head off to a free room to pray for our campus together. Prayer topics are determined daily. Contact Paul McCulfor for more information.

Lighthouse Missions

4:03 every Friday at Union Couches

An opportunity to travel downtown and serve the homeless a meal. More information on the organization can be found here, or contact Dan D'Avello to get plugged in!

Our Vision

IV as a national organization has a vision, which we're working towards here at RH:

  • Students and faculty transformed
  • Campuses renewed
  • World-changers developed

Check out the vision card or contact Micah Aldrich for more details.

Leadership Team

  • President - Nathan Shumway
  • Outreach Coordinator - Dan D'Avello
  • Ministry Coordinators - Wilson Kurian, Katrina Yoder
  • Large Group Coordinator - Nick Heshelman