Course Offerings in Psychology

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blue dotSL 171 Principles of Psychology Pre: None
Surveys learning, motivation, personality, intelligence, abnormal behavior, social behavior, perception, emotion, and psychobiology. Stresses objective analysis of behavior and provides a foundation for advanced courses.

blue dotSL 272 Experimental Psychology Pre: SL 171
Emphasizes experimental analysis of perception, motivation, learning, and personality. Programmed and independent experiments are performed. Laboratory periods are arranged.

blue dotSL 372 Cognitive Psychology Pre: SL 171
Reviews the scientific study of human memory and cognition. Covers mental events and knowledge we use when we recognize an object, remember a name, have an idea, understand a sentence, and solve a problem.

blue dotSL 375 Personality Theories Pre: SL 171
Presents an organized summary of major contemporary theories of personality. Compares and contrasts theories of human behavior. Analyzes the degree that behavior is purposive, unconscious, instinctive, learned, modifiable, and predictable.

blue dotVA 373 Gender Issues Pre: None
Examines male-female differences in behavior, personality, emotion, and cognition. Examines how men and women differ as they pursue the goals of life and the degree to which these differences are innate or learned.
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