Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Management Studies Program Objectives

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The Management Studies Program is a selected group of courses which develops a broad understanding of management in business and society. Like the Rose-Hulman Technical Translators Program, the Management Studies Certificate is a supplement to an engineering or science degree. The curriculum is a core of required courses in ethics, engineering management, economics, technical communication, statistics, and behavioral science with electives dealing with the role of management in society and specific tools for managers.

Statement of Objectives

The Management Studies Program broadens the education of engineers and scientists through a curriculum which:

Although the ten courses necessary to receive the certificate are a challenging addition to the undergraduate's academic load, many of them may simultaneously be used to fulfill Humanities and Social Science, technical elective, and other degree requirements. Science majors should be able to complete the program easily within the regular four year pattern, but engineering majors are likely to have to overload by various amounts. In order to minimize conflicts and meet individual needs, each student will design a specific program with the Management Studies Adviser in the first quarter of the sophomore year.

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