Listing of Courses in Thematic Categories




GL184 Intro. to East Asia RH101 Introduction to Philosophy SL121 United States to 1865 VA125 Mexico: Politics, Culture & Society
GL207 Asian Religions & Philosophy RH131 Rhetoric & Composition SL122 United States since 1865 VA134 Popular Literature
GL222 Contemporary Latin America RH132 Creative Writing SL151 Principles of Economics VA231 Intro. to Non-Fiction
GL231 Intro. to Drama RH142 Drawing SL171 Principles of Psychology VA291 Geography of Europe
GL237 Science Fiction RH143 Beginning Painting SL183 Society & Culture VA302 Philosophy of Religion
GL261 Comparative Politics RH145 Art Issues SL191 Cultural Geography VA303 Business & Engineering Ethics
GL262 International Relations RH148 Beginning Photography SL221 Western Civilization to 1715 VA304 Medical Ethics
GL282 Urban Cultures RH202 Philosophy & Literature SL222 Western Civilization from 1715 to the Present VA305 Philosophy & Politics of Technology
GL283 Indigenous Cultures RH230 Fundamentals of Public Speaking SL232 Major American Writers VA306 Environmental Philosophy
GL291 World Geography RH231 Intro. to Poetry SL261 American Politics & Government VA321 United States since 1939
GL306 Japanese Values & Technological Development RH232 Jane Austen & the Rhetoric of Fiction SL272 Experimental Psychology VA325 Revolutionary Movements in Latin America
GL311 Issues in German Culture RH239 The Film SL290 Business Law VA328 Nuclear Weapons & the Modern World
GL322 Latin America & U.S. Relations RH244 History & the Appreciation of Music SL305 20th Century European Philosophy VA336 Ethics in Human Communication
GL323 Rise & Fall of the Soviet Union RH246 Music Theory I SL306 Philosophy of Science VA337 20th Century American Novel
GL324 Japan in the 20th Century RH330 Technical Communication SL307 Ethics in America VA352 Financial Markets & Institutions
GL334 Utopian Thought & Literature RH331 Contemporary Issues & Writing SL328 Caribbean Island Nations VA353 Industrial Organization
GL358 International Economics RH333 Critical Reading SL331 Literature & Lore of the Sea VA373 Gender Issues
GL363 Politics of the Global Economy RH346 Music Theory II SL333 Death & Dying VA382 Anthropology of Religion
GL366 The European Union RH431 History of the American Novel SL334 Literature of War VA391 Contemporary Europe: Empire to Union
GL384 Japanese Society RH432 Mechanical Engineering Communication SL335 Shakespeare VA411 Technology in German Culture
GL391 Geography of Africa & Southwest Asia     SL337 Modern Southern Literature VA413 Contemporary Germany
GL422 American Diplomacy in the 20th Century     SL350 Managerial Accounting VA431 Images of the Business-person in American Literature
GL423 American Arms & Strategy in the 20th Century     SL351 Managerial Economics VA434 The Bible as Literature
GL455 Economic Growth & Development     SL354 Intermediate Microeconomics VA435 Seminar in Literature
        SL355 Intermediate Macroeconomics VA436 Reinterpretation of Literary Themes
        SL356 Game Theory VA452 Environmental Economimcs
        SL363 European Politics & Government VA453 The Entrepreneur
        SL366 America's Future VA454 Financial Economics
        SL372 Cognitive Psychology VA466 Seminar on Politics & Values
        SL375 Personalities Theories VA498 Technology Management & Forecasting
        SL391 Cities of Europe    
        SL398 The Research & Development Organization    
        SL411 Technology in German Culture    
        SL451 Mathematical Economics    
        SL452 Intro. to Econometrics    
        SL481 Technology & Culture    
        SL491 Medieval Europe