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What we're all about:

We offer complex, technology-based problems in calculus with applications in science and engineering. These problems have a higher level of complexity than traditional text book problems and foster use of a computer algebra system. Each problem set includes discussions of related teaching issues and solutions worked in Mathematica.

Each problem is provided in the following three formats:

* .html = . Mathematica notebook in HTML format with figures translated to GIF files. This is readable by any standard WWW viewer, but a Netscape will probably work best. Translated to HTML by nb2html.
* .ma = . Mathematica notebook (ver. 2.2) (ASCII). Download this version after viewing the HTML format.
* .asc = . Text as ASCII. This contains all the text of statement of problem, comments and solutions.

How to search:

* By category: Choose from categories that best describe the problem type desired.
* Full text word search: All problems with the string you enter will be listed.
* Keyword search: All problems come with a list of key words provided by the author(s). All matches will be listed.
* Alphabetically: If you know the file name for a problem set, you can find it in alphabetical order.

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