Catapult 2010
Session 1 June 26
Sunday, 27 June 2010 00:58

June 26

Written by Alex Mullans
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It's Saturday! At some other camps, that'd be sleep in day. Not at Catapult, though! All the monkeys (actually, all but 3 to be exact) were awake and on time to morning meeting - we have an amazing amount of early risers this session! After some morning project time, we had a great afternoon of tournaments organized by Melton, starting with a huge Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament and including a ping-pong tournament and a Super Smash Bros. tournament as well. We also watched the World Cup game between the USA and Ghana on all 5 screens and surround sound in Chauncey's (Rose's game room, named after Chauncey Rose, our founder); much to almost everyone's disappointment (we did have one or two monkeys rooting for Ghana) the US is now out of the Cup; nonetheless, fans like Nicholas and Eric will still be following the Cup for those interested in watching other matches.

Check after the break for off-campus activities that happened today!

Photos coming as soon as I finish collecting memory cards!

As for off campus activities, we had a couple of vans go canoeing in the Wabash River, which just dipped below flood stage after the rains we got earlier this week and last week, as well as some groups that went on airboats on the river. We also took a bunch of the Catamonkeys to Black Light Mini Golf, which was a lot of fun. Our Wal-Mart runs per day average also jumped today in preparation for tonight's Midnight Madness: Will it fry? (Modeled after Will It Blend?, the YouTube series) during which the monkeys found out just which foods do and don't taste good fried.

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Alex Mullans

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