Catapult 2010
Session 1 June 21
Thursday, 24 June 2010 02:46

June 21

Written by Alex Mullans
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The start of week two brought with it the beginning of the Catapult Intramural Program (which is somewhat similar to the Rose intramural program that goes on all school year, except that we play almost every week day with a different sport every day). After project time in the morning and early afternoon, all the Catamonkeys headed down to the SRC for two rousing games of basketball. The six IM teams really came together for the first time to support everyone from the varsity athletes to the first-time players. During Catapult, we require whole-line substitutions every 5 minutes so that everyone gets some play time on the court. The IM coordinators also give out spirit points to the teams with the best and loudest cheers. Check out the IM team names and captains after the break.

After IMs, dinner, and a nighttime project session, the counselors all put on movies in our rooms along with a corresponding snack (see the list after the break). To cap the night, midnight madness rocked IHOP at 12 am with some awesome breakfast food (and pancakes too!).

Movies We Watched


Chris, 007

Red Kool-Aid

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou

Micah and Bridget, BSB Apartment


Tommy Boy

Alisa, 107

Peanut M&Ms

Princess Bride

Darcie, 124

Fruit Snacks

Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior

Caleb, 207

Rice Mix


Nick, 212



Melton, 224

Pop & Popcorn

District 9
V for Vendetta

Alex, 307

9 of something

Pineapple Express

Pat, 312

Something Pineapple

Green Street Hooligans

Eric, 324

Root Beer & Thick Pretzels

IM Teams - Captain

Slap Chop - Nicholas

Mighty Putty - Alex

Kaboom! - Pat

Shamwow - Bridget

Awesome Auger - Eric

Snuggies - Darcie

Alex Mullans

Alex Mullans

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