Catapult 2010
Session 1 June 16
Thursday, 17 June 2010 14:29

June 16

Written by Alex Mullans
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A chorus of yawns could be heard for the first time today in E-104, where daily morning meetings are held (every day but Sunday), as all 104 Catamonkeys filed in. After some announcements, the monkeys were treated to a brief session from Rose-Hulman's librarians that covered all the resources available to them while they're here. After that, the professors hosted some teaming exercises (in one, students had to come up with innovative ideas to save a bankrupt card company and then sell those ideas to their fellow students with the promise of a bag of Starburst for the winners). The students then selected their projects and headed off to lunch at the ARA.

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Pictures from today are posted here!


During lunch, monkeys also got a taste of college when they took ID photos. The ID cards, which will be given to each student later in the week, are the same cards given to Rose-Hulman students right down to the RFID (short range wireless authentication) chips built in. Towards the end of the academic day, they met their faculty advisors as project groups.

After dinner, the counselors planned some awesome games down in the Sports & Recreation Center (SRC). Students split into their IM teams (ranging from the Sham-Wows to the Mighty Putty); teams will be together throughout the session for intramurals, chores, and other random fun activities. Some of the games we played:

The Name Game

The first student in the circle begins by stating his name and performing a stretch. The next student then does the same, and then repeats the first student's stretch. By the time the last student in the circle has gone, most of the names are pretty solid. Some students took the challenge and were able to successfully name each individual around the circle at the end.

Freeze Tag

The grade school classic. Turns out it's a bit harder if you have to exchange names when you unfreeze someone, especially once the counselors start taking away nametags!

Balance the Bottle

Each monkey grabs a rope attached to a circular wooden platform on which a Coke bottle is balanced. They have to transport the bottle around the basketball hoop without dropping it. For added challenge, certain groups of people weren't allowed to talk at any given time (ex. the people with glasses, the women, the men, the people with flip-flops on, etc.).

Never Have I Ever...

Kind of like musical chairs, Never Have I Ever has a place for all but one student around the circle. The one student names something they've never done ("Never have I ever... been in a car crash"), and every person around the circle has to run to another place if they've done that activity.

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Alex Mullans

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