Catapult 2010
Meet the Counselors Matt Melton
Friday, 14 May 2010 18:41

Matt Melton

Written by Alex Mullans
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Matt did not realize the dangers of dropping his sham-wow. Matt did not realize the dangers of dropping his sham-wow. Matt Melton

No one knows the true origin of the one they call Matt Melton. Born in the highlands of Scotland and raised by Trappist Monks, his lineage can be traced directly to Pythagoras, Socrates, and El-Cid Campeador. His youth found him solving trivial problems with the scientific world, such as finding the last digit of pi (it’s 7), turning water into gold, and discovering the Fountain of Youth (Hawaii). After solving these early trifles, he decided to attend Rose-Hulman to solve more difficult issues, such as curing the world of entropy, or determining if the light really shuts off once you close the refrigerator door. Once at Rose, Matt truly hit his stride, becoming a Sophomore Advisor and Resident Assistant while being a four year diver to maintain his manly physique. Word has it, he loves Rose so much, he’ll never leave, no matter how hard Rose tries to get rid of him. But no matter. For a special three weeks in Catapault, Matt will join Alisa as your guide on the IM fields, as well as supplying comic relief and sleep deprivation. Be ready. It’s gonna be awesome.

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Alex Mullans

Alex Mullans

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