Catapult 2010
Meet the Counselors Alisa Dickerson
Friday, 14 May 2010 18:41

Alisa Dickerson

Written by Alex Mullans
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Hey kids!  My real name is Alisa Dickerson.   I am from a place in Kentucky known as Elizabethtown (ever heard of the movie?). This fall, I will be a junior majoring in mechanical engineering.  The biggest thing I am known for is once dating ‘The most interesting man on Earth’, which was fun for a while, but it got old.  Other than knowledge workouts, I am always down for getting creative with some arts and crafts, being a handy(wo)man , spending time with nature (I <3 Rain), or just settling in for a good ol’ movie. Also, I’m the type that likes to half-heartedly dabble in sports, so if you are looking to raise your own ego and self-confidence, I suggest challenging me to a game of basketball or something. I guess you could say I blackmailed Micah for this job, but that’s irrelevant because I can’t wait to hang out with all you Monkeys at Catapult. I promise it will be one of the best experiences of your life, even if I am the sole cause.

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Alex Mullans

Alex Mullans

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