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Saturday, 04 September 2010 00:57

Project Reports Published

See the Project Reports link up top.
Saturday, 31 July 2010 23:49

Session 2 DVD

Some people have reported receiving blank DVDs (seems to happen to a few each year).

DVD is moved, and is now here.

Session I is here.

You'll need ImgBurn or something similar to burn the ISO to a disk (unless you have Windows 7 - in that case, just double-click the file and Windows ISO Burning should come up), or Daemon Tools to mount it if you don't want to actually write it to a disk (both utilities are free).

Tuesday, 27 July 2010 19:39

Monday, July 26

Today we had the last two plant trips (turns out I spoke too soon a few days ago :o): Dr. Robinson took the chemical engineering groups to Terre Haute's wastewater treatment facility, and we took another group of students to see Rose-Hulman Ventures. We also got Catapult t-shirts distributed to the rest of the students.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010 19:36

Sunday, July 25

I think we may have passed a new record for the number of Catapult students off campus at the same time today! Between 47 people at King's Island, 24 people at paintballing, and 12 people canoeing we had 83 of 111 students on activities at the same time! Those who remained on campus used the opportunity to catch up on sleep and have a nice relaxing day. Some of the counselors left on campus also had TV show marathons to pass the time.

Midnight madness was a cross-campus game of Sardines!

Saturday, 24 July 2010 17:56

Saturday, July 24

Sure enough, yesterday's wakeup-free morning meeting was not a harbinger of today; however, the monkeys are getting better at this whole waking up thing, seeing as we only had to wake up 3 or 4 of them this morning.

We had a guest speaker from Raytheon speak to the students today before lunch. In the afternoon we had a series of tournaments organized by Melton ranging from poker to pool.

Photos posted for Thursday - Saturday.


Saturday, 24 July 2010 17:40

Friday, July 23

Today we had a small miracle at morning meeting: everyone was on time! Chris and Predan enjoyed the short respite from having to wake people up - but we doubt it'll last too long. The last plant trip of the session happened today with some mechanical engineering students going to Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana down near Evansville.

We played our first round of basketball for intramurals; it's a good thing we were inside because today was the hottest day of the year so far in Terre Haute with a heat index high of 102°F.

After dinner a bunch of monkeys went with Micah, Caleb, and Bridget to Climb Time in Indianapolis for some awesome indoor rock climbing!

Midnight madness was ultimate frisbee on Speed Lawn.

Friday, 23 July 2010 03:16

Thursday, July 22

This morning's morning meeting was special: our visitors from China's Huazhong University of Science and Technology gave a presentation about their home and their university. HUST and Rose-Hulman differ greatly in size, as it turns out: HUST has over 55,000 students (Rose tops out at 1,900). After the presentation finished, Dr. Brackin received a plaque commemorating the relationship between HUST and Rose; all the Catapult students also received Chinese opera masks.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010 23:48

Wednesday, July 21

Today was another fairly standard day for project time. We had another plant trip; this one went to a Marathon oil refinery in the area and gave the students a chance to see some real world applications of chemistry and chemical engineering.

We had 2 sets of IMs today: volleyball and indoor soccer. Volleyball continued the catapulter vs. counselor sets in addition to the standard brackets; some of the teams came close, but we ultimately won all of the games (we've had a little more practice time then they've had).

Pictures posted for Tuesday/Wednesday!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010 23:35

Tuesday, July 20

We're officially more than halfway through the session! In addition to project time today, the monkeys sat in some presentations about admissions and ROTC. Some of the students also took a trip to a local power generation facility.

After dinner we played ultimate frisbee on the fields. In addition to the usual games, we also had some counselor vs. catapulter games. Then after all the heat from Ultimate, a bunch of the kids cooled down with some Tasty Treat Tuesday at Tro Sno (which has great snow cones!).

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