Catapult 2010
Thursday, July 22
Friday, 23 July 2010 03:16

Thursday, July 22

Written by Alex Mullans
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This morning's morning meeting was special: our visitors from China's Huazhong University of Science and Technology gave a presentation about their home and their university. HUST and Rose-Hulman differ greatly in size, as it turns out: HUST has over 55,000 students (Rose tops out at 1,900). After the presentation finished, Dr. Brackin received a plaque commemorating the relationship between HUST and Rose; all the Catapult students also received Chinese opera masks.

To further the excitement of the morning, project time ended at 11 for Dr. Dave Erwin's presentation of Chemistry Through the Ages. Dr. Erwin showed the students many chemistry demos while telling a story (complete with separate costumes from the alchemist to the modern scientist).

For IMs today (an especially muggy day, one might add), we played kickball. It was a whole new experience on the wet fields, complete with slides, mud, and more!

If you've been following the blog regularly, you've doubtless heard of the Tasty Treat series. Today being Thursday means that we had indeed had a Tasty Treat expedition after IMs; today's treat of choice came from Dairy Queen.

We had another midnight movie premiere tonight in the form of Salt (starring Angelina Jolie); reactions were mixed among the students who went.

Midnight Madness left the apartment with a mix of smells; turns out that Will It Fry? is a question with some less-than-savory answers. There were quite a number of good things that came from the fryer though, like the mixture of beef jerky, pepperoni, cheese, and jalepenos.

Alex Mullans

Alex Mullans

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